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Home Appliances

Welcome to the New Home 


Ultimate freshness

Enjoy freshness that lasts, from designs that look great in your kitchen and make it easy to access, organise and store food in clever and convenient ways.

Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator

Cooking Appliances

Delicious by design

Essential kitchen companions for handling just about all your cooking needs, from everyday meals to special occasion feasts.

Samsung Cooking Appliances


Shine on

Samsung is reinventing dishwashing—one sparkling load at a time. You can be amazed by what our Dishwashers can do.

Samsung Dishwashers

Washing Machines

Laundry made easy

Loaded with innovative features, our washers combine superb cleaning and convenience technologies designed to save you time and effort.

Samsung AddWash™ Front Load  Washing Machine

Air Conditioners

Versatile heating and cooling

Offering outstanding efficiency and smart features, Samsung Air Conditioners can satisfy a wide range of heating and cooling needs.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuums with smarts

Free up time for other things, and let POWERbot do the vacuuming for you. Strong suction helps ensure clean floors, and Visionary Mapping™ tells it where to turn and what to dodge.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners