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User Manual

0.01MB, pdf, ENGLISH


Other Manuals


  • Device(Install)

    All OS, 17 MB, apk, MULTI LANGUAGE

    Version : 1.2.0_140227_CS


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    Samsung Smart Camera App for Android OS 2.3.3 - 2.2.7 (Gingerbread)


  • Firmware File

    All OS, 55.34 MB, zip, MULTI LANGUAGE

    Version : 01.10


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    1. Title - Firmware version 01.10
    2. Applicable Model - NX mini
    3. Carrier or Corporate Customer - Open market
    4. Description
    Please use i-Launcher program when you want to upgrade your camera.
    Refer to Firmware upgrade guide.

    [v01.10] 150130
    - Improved WIFI SNS sharing function

    [v01.09] 141222
    - Arrangement of the Samsung Link web storage

    [v01.08] 141113
    - Improved Wi-Fi connection

    [v01.07] 141024
    - Add Beauty Face option: Face Retouch(Brightening, Softening)
    - Add picture moving function in portrait orientation of Playback

    [v01.06] 140916
    - Improved HDMI 2.0 compatibility of new TV
    - Improved Panorama mode full capturing performance: capture the entire last scene
    - Fixed other bugs

    - Add Wi-Fi Privacy Lock function
    - Add Face retouch level setting function of Beauty Face mode
    - Compatability of 17mm new lens
    - Improved compatibility of new memory card
    - Fixed other bugs

    - Fixed Halt issue during 9-27mm LENS working
    - Fixed time display error in RAW+ format capture
    - Fixed hand shaking icon display error
    - Added New card compatibility
    - Chaged transferring default image size as original size to smartphone
    - Improved video quality
    - Fixed other bugs

    - Improved LCD Brightness
    - Add Wink Shot Help Guide
    - Fixed other bugs

    - Support NX lens-Mount Adapter
    - Improved LCD color and AWB
    - Add Face Detection icon in Self shot mode
    - P/A/S/M mode Face Detection(off->Normal) basic setting change
    - Fixed other bugs
    Firmware Update Tool

    All Windows, 5.92 MB, exe, MULTI LANGUAGE

    Version :


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    (Windows OS)i-Launcher setup file for firmware upgrade
    Firmware Update Tool

    MAC OS, 2.02 MB, dmg, MULTI LANGUAGE

    Version :


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    (Mac OS)i-Launcher setup file for firmware upgrade
    Upgrade guide

    All OS, 0.36 MB, pdf, MULTI LANGUAGE

    Version : 1


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    Firmware upgrade guide using i-Launcher program.

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