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User Manual

5.34 MB, pdf, ENGLISH



  • Upgrade File(USB type)

    All OS, 98.71 MB, zip, ENGLISH

    2014.03.31 tooltipbox

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    < Firmware update>

    This Firmware update provides the following benefits:

    Ver.1018.0 Mar. 31. 2014
    - Improved DVD disc playability

    Ver.1016.0 Mar. 20. 2014
    - Improved Pandora Issue

    Ver.1011.0 Nov. 29. 2013

    Ver.1009.4 Sep. 6. 2013

    Ver.1007.1 Jul. 12. 2013
    - Improved System stability

    Ver.1006.4 May. 24. 2013
    - Improved System stability

    Ver.1003.3 Mar. 26. 2013
    - Improved System stability
    Upgrade guide

    All OS, 0.04 MB, pdf, ENGLISH


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