MultiChamber Vacuum System (SC96)

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The SC96 MultiChamber vacuum system improves vacuum power and efficiency to clean even the finest particles.

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Innovative MultiChamber Vacuum System™

An innovative chamber design provides up to 99.5% dust separation - an extremely efficient dust and fine particle reduction - so less ends up in the air and the filter, extending filter life**.

*Based on internal testing of the average percentage of dust collected, up to 200 grams.
** Up to 2 months

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PowerBrush - A More Efficient Clean

Extra-wide 15-inch motorized brush attachment offers five height level options - with the controls at your fingertips - so you can clean more surfaces, more thoroughly with ease. An additional 13-inch brush attachment is perfect for smaller spaces.

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Auto Dust Sensing System - Intelligently Detects the Amount of Dirt and Dust

Our smart dust sensor technology automatically detects the amount of dust and dirt, and sets the vacuum suction level accordingly, minimizing your time spent cleaning.

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Quiet Technology - Innovative Design

The unique airflow design, reduces excessive noise - cutting down on the “roaring vacuum” sounds that can disturb everyone else in the house.

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HEPA with Anti-Odor Carbon Filter

An advanced, HEPA sealed-gasket filtration system delivers a more hygienic* clean than conventional filters by removing more fine particles from the air, and trapping more dust and allergens with a removable, washable sponge is easily cleaned with a quick rinse.

*Based on test separation rate of 0.3 micron sized particles.

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Compact Design for All Floor Types

The compact design makes it easy to store. Large wheels make it easy to maneuver on all floor types, from thick carpeting to bare floors. An ergonomic handle provides portability and comfort.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification
  • Model Color


  • General

    12 A

  • Suction (W)


  • Bagless


  • Dust Capacity

    2.0 L

  • Cleaning Efficiency

    44.0% on Carpet

Full Specifications


  • Model Code


  • Model Color


Key Features

  • General

    12 A

  • Suction (W)


  • Bagless


  • Dust Capacity

    2.0 L

  • Filter Maintenance

    After 6 Months (Recommended)

  • Control

    Handle Control (On / Off, Suction Level +/-, Power Brush (On / Off))

  • Brush Width

    15' Power Brush

  • Brush Color


  • Brush Release

    Height Adjust Foot Pedal

  • Filter (Pre Motor)

    Foam /Micro (HEPA H13)

  • Filter (Exhaust)

    HEPA H13


  • Cleaning Efficiency

    44.0% on Carpet

  • Dust Sensing

    Auto Suction Control

  • Display


  • Additional Tools

    Parquet Brush (MB200) Mini Turbo Brush, Crevice/Dusting (2 in 1)


  • Casing

    Polycarbonate Clear Chamber Casing


  • Pipe

    AL Wired Telescopic

Length of Cord

  • Length of Cord

    23 ft


  • Product Dimensions (W x H x D)

    11.5" (W) x 19.9" (H) x 10.8" (D)

  • Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)

    15.4" (W) x 27.5" (H) x 13.2" (D)


  • Product Weight

    15.2 lb.

  • Shipping Weight (lb)

    29.5 lb.


  • Warranty

    5 Years Parts & Labor


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This has to be the perfect Vacuum system ever made. This is what i would recommend!


crb370981954 on July 07, 2013

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