How Do I Use Voice Dial On My SGH-I637 (Jack) Phone?

Microsoft® Voice Command is advanced speech recognition software that can be used to activate a wide-variety of functions on the SGH-I637 (Jack) handset. Voice Command software automatically voice activates all contacts for voice dialing and searching, no pre-recording or training needed. Simply speak contact names or phone numbers to dial, and use voice commands to launch applications.

If the phone does not hear a command within approximately eight seconds, it deactivates voice recognition without taking any action.

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Activating Voice Command

Voice Command MUST be enabled prior to using any Voice Commands

To enable or disable voice command follow the steps below:

  1. From the home screen, press the left soft key for Start
  2. Press the left soft key for More
  3. Press the left soft key for More again
  4. Select Voice Command
  5. From the Voice Enabled field, select either Yes or No, using the navigation key
  6. Press the left soft key for Done to enable or disable Voice Command

Basic Voice Commands

To use Voice Commands follow the steps below:

1.  Press and hold down the Voice Command button  until a beep is heard & the Voice Command icon  appears in the upper-right of the display

2.  After the beep, speak (in a natural voice) any of the following Voice Commands*:

    • Call (Name)
    • Dial (Number)
    • Call Back
    • ReDial
    • Lookup (Name)
    • Open (Application)
    • Show (Application)
    • Help

Note: If a name has only a single number, or if you know the name but are not sure which number to call, say “Call” followed by the name only. For example, say “Call John.” If the name is recognized and there is only one number for the name, Voice Command immediately places the call. If there are multiple numbers stored for the contact, the phone prompts you with "Call John" then speaks and displays a list of options. Select an option by speaking it into the handset microphone.

Additional Voice Commands

You can also speak any of the following Voice Commands listed under the categories below:

    • Phone
      • Call (Name)
      • Dial (Number)
      • Call Back
      • ReDial
    • Contacts
      • Show (Name)
    • Media
      • Play Media
      • Pause
      • Stop
      • Play
      • What track is this?
      • Next
      • Previous
      • Shuffle on
      • Shuffle off
    • Calendar
      • What are my appointments?
      • What are my appointments for tomorrow?
      • What’s my next appointment?
      • Reminders on
      • Reminders off
    • Start Menu
      • Start (Application)
    • Status
      • What time is it?
      • What day is it?
      • What is my signal strength?
      • What is my battery level?
      • What calls have I missed?
      • Flag mode on
      • Flag mode off
      • Set profile, followed by the profile name
    • General

The Voice Command will be repeated then you will be asked to verify it. Say “Yes” to call the person or number. Say “No” to cancel.

When Voice Command recognizes one of these commands, the SGH-I637 (Jack) handset launches the associated application. 

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