What Is Smart Grid?

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Smart Grid

Until your local energy provider incorporates Smart Grid the Smart Grid feature on your Dryer will not operate.

Smart Grid is a software interface that allows local energy providers to control power consumption in all Smart Grid compatible appliances in the home.

The electric power grid we use today was designed over 50 years ago. In order to conserve energy, prevent blackouts, and decrease response time to blackouts “Smart Grid” technology has been created.

Benefits of Smart Grid

  • Two way communication which means a system that "talks and listens."

  • Automated devices will notify power companies when more or less power is needed, their by minimizing blackouts.

  • Enery providers will have the ability to control how much to provide and where to provide it. For example, if a tree falls and damages power lines it will alert the power company instead of having to wait for someone to report it. SmartGrid has also been designed with the capability to re-route power when needed. So instead of an entire block losing power only a few houses will.

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