How Do I Pair My MetroPCS SCH-R570 Messager III Phone With A Bluetooth Device?

Follow the steps below to pair the handset with a Bluetooth® technology device.

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Pair With a Bluetooth Device

  1. Place the Bluetooth device in discoverable mode
  2. While in standby mode, press the left soft key for Menu
  3. Select Tools (8)
  4. Select Bluetooth (1)  
  5. Select Registered List (1)
  6. Press OK to Add New Device
  7. Press the left soft key for Yes to turn Bluetooth On
  8. Press the OK key on the “Place device you are connecting to in discoverable mode” prompt to search for devices
  9. Highlight the desired Bluetooth Device, using the navigation keys, and press the OK key to Pair the devices
  10. Enter Passkey "0000" and press OK key, the handset will display a brief message stating pairing followed by connecting
  11. Press the left soft key for Yes to Connect the devices
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