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Description Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File
Universal Print Driver Guide (ver.1.0)
May 13, 2013 ENGLISH 0.91 pdf Email
User Manual (ver.1.05)
Oct 10, 2011 ENGLISH 0.0 htm Email
User Manual (ver.1.05)
Oct 10, 2011 SPANISH 0.0 htm Email
Universal Print Driver Guide (ver.2.00)
Nov 28, 2010 SPANISH 1.14 pdf Email
Universal Print Driver Guide (ver.1.0)
May 13, 2013 KOREAN 0.87 pdf Email
User Manual (ver.1.05)
Oct 10, 2011 KOREAN 0.0 htm Email
Universal Print Driver Guide (ver.2.00)
Nov 28, 2010 KOREAN 0.0 htm Email
Description OS Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File
Printing & Scan Driver (Driver) (ver.V1.00.06)
Linux Nov 11, 2013 MULTI LANGUAGE 15.35 gz
Smart Panel (Driver) (ver.V2.00.61)
Linux Jan 20, 2010 MULTI LANGUAGE 15.5 gz

Security setting should be changed in order to install drivers in Mac OS X 10.8:

  1. Run [System Preferences] under [Application] folder
  2. Select [Security & Privacy]
  3. Select [Anywhere] under [Allow applications downloaded from]
Mac OS 10.4 ~ 10.9 Oct 12, 2012 MULTI LANGUAGE 4.6 zip
Mac OS 10.4 ~ 10.9 Oct 12, 2012 MULTI LANGUAGE 2.68 gz

  1. Title .
  2. Applicable Model .
  3. Carrier or Corporate Customer .
  4. Description .
Win 2000/XP/2003/ Vista/2008/Win 7(32,64bit) Oct 10, 2011 MULTI LANGUAGE 17.36 exe

Samsung Universal Print Driver is a common single print driver solution for managing multiple printers. If you install this driver, you can use Samsung printers without installing multiple model specific drivers.

Win 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win 7/Win 8(32/64bit) Nov 11, 2013 MULTI LANGUAGE 20.35 exe

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    ClearType is a software technology developed by Microsoft that improves the readability of text on a monitor. With ClearType font technology, the text on the computer screen looks almost as sharp and clear as those printed on a piece of paper. To turn on ClearType text in Windows 7, follow the [FAQs]

  • How To Setup A Samsung Google Cloud Ready Printer

    On Samsung Google Cloud printers, you will use SyncThru Web Service to set-up Google Cloud printing. The printer must be connected to the same network as the Chromebook. For a list of Google Cloud compatible printers, please click here. If the printer is not already connected to the network, [FAQs]

  • How To Setup A Samsung Google Cloud Ready Printer

    Setting up and printing from a chromebook to a Samsung Google Cloud Ready printer [How-To Guide]

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    This easy to use guide will help you continue the registration process for your Samsung product. [How-To Guide]

  • How To Remove A Registered Product

    This easy to use guide will help you remove a product that has been registered in error. [How-To Guide]

  • Where Do I Find The Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS?

    The Material Safety Data Sheets, or MSDS, provides important information about materials along with physical, chemical, and toxicological properties, regulatory information, and recommendations to ensure safe handling. Click here to go to the MSDS webpage and click your printer category tab to [FAQs]

  • What is GDI?

    The GDI, or Graphical Device Interface, is the Windows software interface responsible for rendering images and fonts and sending them to external devices such as printers and monitors. Many manufacturers make low cost Windows GDI printers, GDI printers can not render images and fonts themselves, [FAQs]

  • What Samsung Printers Have The Wi-Fi Direct Feature?

    The following printers currently have the Wi-Fi Direct feature: CLX-3305FW CLX-4195FW CLP-365W CLP-415NW SCX-3405W SCX-3405FW SCX-4729FW ML-2165W ML-2955DW SL-M2825DW SL-M2835DW SL-M2875FW SL-M2885FW SL-C1860FW SL-C1810W SL-C410W SL-C460FW After enabling Wi-Fi Direct, a [FAQs]

  • How To Restart The Print Spooler Service In Windows 8

    Restarting or starting the printer spooling service in windows 8 [How-To Guide]

  • How To Clear A Paper Jam

    How to clear all three paper jams (Jam 0, Jam 1, and Jam 2) [How-To Video]

  • Jam In The Paper Exit (Jam 2)

    Important: Make sure that the print media you are using meets the print media specifications of the printer. These specifications can be found in the user manual. Jam In The Paper Exit (Jam 2) When your printer displays Jam 2, the paper has failed to pass through the paper exit area. Power [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • What Are The Samsung Google Cloud Print Ready Printers?

    Samsung Google Cloud Print allows printers to print uisng the cloud without having to download specific drivers or software. To set up Samsung Google Cloud compatible printers, open SyncThru Web Service on your Google Chromebook. For steps on how to setup your Samsung Google Cloud Ready Printer [FAQs]

  • How To Uninstall or Remove A Printer In Windows 7

    When the printer status is not correct or the printer will not print anything from the computer try uninstalling the printer completely then reinstalling. To uninstall the printer in Windows 8 follow the steps below: Press the start button Click Devices and Printers Select the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Door Open

    If your printer displays a Door Open error either the front or back door of your printer is not securely closed (not all models have a back cover). Open the front door and close firmly. Open the back door and close firmly. If the error persists, the door sensor may be defective or [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Light Or Faded Print

    Important: Before you perform any type of service on your printer that requires you to open the printer, turn the printer off, and then unplug it from the wall outlet. The following conditions can cause a printer to print lightly: If the entire page is light or faded: The toner save mode or [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • How To Clear Pending Documents In Queue

    When printing, the documents are to a queue and then sent to the printer. If the documents fail to print then they will need to be removed manually. To clear the pending documents in Windows: Open Devices and Printers in Control Panel Select your printer and right click on the mouse. [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Installation/Maintenance How-To

    [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • One Page Is Too Large

    If your printer displays a One Page is Too Large error, the single paper data exceeds the configured mail size. Reduce the resolution, and then try to reprint or recopy. [Troubleshooting Guide]

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