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  • Selecting The Best Location For The Refrigerator

    To select the best location for the refrigerator, verify the following: Important: Measure doorways (both width and height), thresholds, ceilings, stairways, etc to ensure that the fridge can be moved to its final location. A location with access to a 120 Volt power supply. A location with [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Display/Control Panel How-To

    [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • How To Reset The Ice Maker

    There are two different styles of ice makers in Samsung side by side refrigerators. For the purpose of this How-to guide we will refer to them as Type 1 (flex tray) and Type 2 (heated tray). Follow the instructions for the fridge below that has the same style ice maker as your refrigerator. [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Frost Forming In The Freezer Around The Ice Chute

    When frost forms in the freezer side of this side by side refrigerator, it is typically caused by something allowing warm (room temperature) air into the freezer compartment. When the room temperature air mixes with the frigid air in the freezer, moisture is formed. When that moisture freezes, [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Display Panel Shows PC Er

    If the display panel is showing PC-ER, you need to verify that the wire harness under the top left door hinge is connected properly. Unplug the refrigerator or cut off power at the breaker. Then, remove the top left hinge cover, disconnect the wire harness (or harnesses, depending on the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Processor Stops Responding

    When returning from a power outage or brownout, the power may not restart cleanly. This may result in the processor locking up. Try unplugging the refrigerator for 5 minutes, and then plugging the refrigerator back in. If the refrigerator is still not functioning normally, a service call is [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Issues Associated with Power Outages

    [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • No Power

    If your refrigerator is not powering on at all, check the following: First check to see if it is plugged in. Remove the plug, and then reinstall the plug. Try a known good device, such as a lamp, or portable radio, in the same outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into. Check your [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Power Surges

    Surges or glitches on the power line damage the unit either at the time of the outage or when power is restored, causing a failure that is detected when the unit's power returns. Try unplugging the refrigerator for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. If the refrigerator does not power up [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Improper Temperature Display

    When power returns, the unit may power up properly but the display will show the actual temperature instead of the factory default set temperatures. In this case, set the refrigerator to Power Cool and Power Freeze modes until the unit returns to the desired operating temperature. [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Ice Tastes/ Smells Bad

    Bad tasting/ smelling ice is most commonly experienced with the first few gallons of water that comes through refrigerator. Samsung recommends you dispence 2-3 gallons of water (from the water dispenser) after you initially set the water line up to flush the system. Even with the system flushed [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Water Tastes/ Smells Bad

    If your refrigerator is newly installed, and the water tastes like plastic, it is normal. The water system in your refrigerator is made of plastic lines, and a plastic reservoir. In time the odor will dissipate. Think of it as you just purchased a large plastic cup. Once you have used the cup [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Display Panel Will Not Illuminate At All

    If the display panel will not illuminate at all, do the following: Open the doors. When the doors are opened, the display panel will turn on. After 5 seconds of inactivity the display will turn off. Verify that the refrigerator is plugged in and/or that the power outlet it is plugged into is [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • The Temperature Display Is Blinking

    The digital display will blink when the temperature rises. For example, if the doors were accidentally left open over night. It can take many hours for the refrigerator to reach the set temperature again. The blinking will stop when the correct temperature has been reached. Verify the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Water Filter Light Is Red

    Important: In 2011 a change was made to the way the filter indicator light works. Instead of staying blue and illuminated until it changes color, it stays off until the filter needs to be changed. When the filter needs to be changed it comes on and is red. The water filter indicator light is [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Water Filter Light Is Red

    In models first manufactured prior to 2010, the water filter indicator light stays on at all times. It is designed to change colors after about 3 and 6 months of use. In models first manufactured after 2010, the filter indicator light only lights up when it is red. To reset the water filter [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Water Leaks From Dispenser

    It is normal for the water dispenser to leak a few drops (less than 1cc) of water after being used. You may also notice water dripping after dispensing crushed ice. This is also normal because tiny pieces of shaved ice stick in or around the ice chute. As the ice melts it drips down in the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Error Codes

    Your refrigerator is equipped with an onboard diagnostic system. If the diagnostic system detects a fault, it will display a specific line segment on you refrigerators LED display. When the refrigerator is plugged in, it performs a self diagnostic check of the various sensors and functions. If [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Ice Will Not Dispense

    If ice will not dispense through the door, please verify the following: Verify that the ice bucket is fully inserted. If the ice bucket is not fully inserted, when you press the dispenser lever you will hear the motor run, but no ice will be dispensed. Remove the ice bucket, and then [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Turning on the Water Line

    To turn on the water line, follow these steps: Carefully pull the refrigerator away from the wall. Locate the water connection on the back of the refrigerator Trace the line to where it connects to your house water supply. Find the small shut off valve at the connection. Open the valve [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • No Water Coming Out

    The failure of a water dispenser to dispense water is usually caused by one of the following conditions: You have air in your water line. Your refrigerator water line is not turned on. Your water filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Procedures for correcting these conditions and getting [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Damaged or Incorrectly Attached Coupler

    To check for a damaged or incorrectly attached coupler, follow these steps: Shut off the refrigerator water line where the line attaches to the house water source. Note: To shut off the water line, pull your refrigerator away from the wall until the back is exposed. Trace the water line from [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Water From The Dispenser Is Warm

    If the water from the dispenser is not cold, the cold water in the refrigerator's reservoir has been used up. The reservoir holds about a liter of water. So if the water was cool, but is now warm, it will take time to cool down again. Note: During the summer months, water enters the fridge at [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Ice Icon Is Flashing On My Refrigerators Display

    If the ice icon is flashing on your refrigerators display, check the ice bucket for proper installation. If the ice bucket is not properly installed, the ice icon will flash and ice production will cease. To correct this condition remove and reinstall the ice bucket. When you install the ice [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Ice Tastes/Smells Bad

    Bad tasting/ smelling ice is most commonly experienced with the first few gallons of water that comes through refrigerator. Samsung recommends you dispence 2-3 gallons of water (from the water dispenser) after you initially set the water line up to flush the system. Even with the system flushed [Troubleshooting Guide]

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