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Sep 29, 2011 ENGLISH(North America) 6.71 pdf Email
User Manual (Sprint) (ver.F7)
Sep 29, 2011 SPANISH(North America) 4.58 pdf Email

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  • How Do I Create Or Delete A Contact On My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    Your phone can store up to 600 Contacts entries for a total of up to 4200 phone numbers, and each entry’s name can contain 64 characters. Press img1.gif and touch Contacts. From the upper-left of the Contacts page, touch img2.gif to begin creating a new Contacts entry. The screen is [FAQs]

  • How Do I Insert Or Remove The Memory Card On My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    Using the microSD Card Your phone is capable of supporting a standard microSD (Secure Digital) memory card to expand the phone’s available memory space. It allows you to store images, music, and voice data in your phone. img21.gif Inserting the microSD Card Slide the phone cover off to [FAQs]

  • How Do I Format The Storage Card On My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    Before formatting your microSD card, you must first insert the microSD card into your mobile device and have your mobile device connected to the computer. Click here for information on how to insert your microSD card on your mobile device. Important! Formatting a microSD card permanently [FAQs]

  • Does My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone Support The Use Of MP3 Files?

    Accessing the Music Player Press img6.gif and touch Fun > Music to reveal the Library screen. Navigate through the Library options and select a song to launch the music player. Use the onscreen control buttons to play, pause, forward to the next song in your playlist or return to the [FAQs]

  • How Do I Use The Key Guard Or Key Lock On My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    Locking Your Phone When your phone is locked, your screen turns off and neither the Display Screen or keyboard will accept input. Regaining access requires entering a lock code. Press img2.gif and touch Main > Settings > Lock. Use the onscreen keypad to enter a new Lock Code and touch Done. [FAQs]

  • How Do I Create/Delete Messages On My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    With SMS Text Messaging, you can send and receive instant text messages between your wireless phone and another messaging-ready phone. When you receive a new message, it will automatically display on your phone’s screen. Composing Text Messages Press img25.gif and touch Main > Messaging. [FAQs]

  • How Do I Adjust The Touch Screen Sensitivity On My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    The Samsung Trender’s touchscreen requires a small amount of pressure to operate. The smaller the size of your contact point on the screen, the less the amount of pressure required. The tip of your finger will work better than the pad of your finger, and a fingernail will require even less [FAQs]

  • How Do I Reset My Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender) Phone?

    Resetting the phone settings only restores all of the factory defaults, including the ringer types and display settings. Onboard data such as Contacts, History, Scheduler, and Messaging are not affected. Press img8.gif and touch Main> Settings > Reset > Reset Settings. (A disclaimer is [FAQs]

  • Sprint SPH-M380 (Samsung Trender™) FAQ List

    Software Update Click here for more information! FAQ Listing By Category Using The Phone Contacts Calendar, Time & Alarms Camera Display Sounds & Ringtones MP3s Speed Dial Voice Dial, Notes Or Commands Internet & Messaging Bluetooth Settings & Configurations [FAQs]

  • How do I Connect my Device to Kies 3?

    Connect to Kies Connect your device to Kies using the USB data cable. USB Data Cable Most Samsung smartphones and tablets can connect to Kies using the USB data cable that came with the device. Connect the cable to a compatible USB port on your computer. Connect the cable to your Samsung [FAQs]

  • What is Kies?

    What is Kies? Kies lets you conveniently access multimedia content such as photos, music, or movies from a single application. You can play, edit, or share multimedia from Kies by connecting a Samsung device to your computer; you can synchronize contacts and calendar events from your computer [FAQs]

  • What are the different Indicator Icons on my Samsung Galaxy S® (Android version 4.4.2, KitKat)?

    Enter keyword bars Signal Strength icon Signal Strength: The greater the number of bars, the stronger the signal. no signal No Signal icon No Signal: No service is available. sim card, x No SIM Card icon SIM Card: No SIM card installed in the device. sim card, [FAQs]

  • LED Notification Not Displaying After Upgrading To Android 5.0 Lollipop

    LED Notification Not Displaying After Upgrading To Android 5.0 Lollipop Android 5.0 Lollipop allows you to turn off all device notifications by setting your device to Silent Mode. If LED notifications are not displaying on your device, please confirm that your device is not set to Silent Mode [FAQs]

  • How do I move photos, videos, and other media on my Samsung Galaxy phone to a PC?

    Your mobile device can transfer pictures, videos, and other media via drag and drop using Windows® Explorer or by using Samsung Kies 3 software for your PC. To transfer your media from your mobile device to your PC, follow the steps in the videos below. Note: Screens and settings available may [FAQs]

  • My Wi-Fi® connection drops on my Samsung device.

    Poor or Unstable Wi-Fi ® Connection If you are experiencing unstable or dropped Wi-Fi connections, follow the general troubleshooting below. Check Signal Strength On your mobile device, check the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network, located at the top-right of the screen (see image below [FAQs]

  • Updating to Android Version 5.0, Lollipop. What to Expect

    The latest version of Android is the largest and most ambitious release for Android yet. The Android 5.0 Lollipop update is changing the landscape of previous Android versions, and is going to improve device performance, provide advanced connectivity updates, high-performance graphics support, [FAQs]

  • My battery drains quickly.

    Note: The instructions below are generic troubleshooting guidelines. Some steps may not apply to your device. If your battery is draining quickly or within a few hours, follow the general troubleshooting steps below. Before you begin Check for damage View the battery status Uninstall [FAQs]

  • My device / battery is warm.

    Note: The instructions below are generic troubleshooting guidelines. Some steps may not apply to your device. If your device is warm to the touch or gives off excessive heat, follow the general troubleshooting steps below. Warning: Discontinue using the device if the device is too warm to [FAQs]

  • My battery is swelling.

    Note: The instructions below are generic troubleshooting guidelines. Some steps may not apply to your device. If your battery is swelling or expanding, discontinue use of your device and contact Samsung Customer Support via the options below. Warning: Do not attempt to charge or use the [FAQs]

  • I cannot connect to Wi-Fi® on my Samsung device.

    To use the Wi-Fi feature, you need access to a wireless access point or mobile hotspot, commonly known as a Wi-Fi network. If you are experiencing issues connecting to a Wi-Fi network, follow the general troubleshooting below. Turn On and Connect to a Wi-Fi Network From the Home screen, [FAQs]

  • What is Reactivation Lock and how do I use it?

    Reactivation_Lock [How-To Guide]

  • Using a microSD Card with your Samsung Device

    microSD FAQs and Troubleshooting The microSD card is an important and sometimes overlooked accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Device. MicroSD cards allow for expanded storage for a low cost. Due to their popularity many people actually select a device based upon the availability of this [FAQs]

  • What is Kies 2.6 Lite Mode, and what can I do when using it?

    Kies Lite Mode Kies Lite mode launches the Kies application with a reduced set of features. It uses fewer system resources and lets some key features of Kies run more efficiently. Using Kies Lite mode, you can access and use these features more quickly: Firmware Upgrade, Sync Data, Backup, and [FAQs]

  • I can connect to Wi-Fi®, but have no Internet or data on my Samsung device.

    If you have successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network but have no connectivity (data), such as being able to browse a website or synchronize your accounts, follow the steps below to troubleshoot your connectivity issues. Check Signal Strength On your mobile device, check the signal strength [FAQs]

  • How Do I Connect My Mobile Device To My HDTV With The HDMI Smart Adapter?

    HDMI Smart Adapter The HDTV Smart Adapter* supports HD signals up to 1080p and can connect directly to your home theater or monitor using a standard HDMI cable (HDMI cable not included). * Not all devices are compatible with the HDMI smart adapter. Using HDTV Adapter The HDTV Adapter allows [FAQs]

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