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Description Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File
User Manual (ver.1.0)
Sep 9, 2012 ENGLISH 2.01 pdf Email
Skype Guide (ver.1.0)
Sep 9, 2012 ENGLISH 3.01 pdf Email
User Manual (ver.1.0)
Sep 9, 2012 SPANISH 1.84 pdf Email
Skype Guide (ver.1.0)
Sep 9, 2012 SPANISH 2.74 pdf Email
Operating System:
Operating System:
Operating System:
Description OS Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File

SAMSUNG Allshare ver. Software

Win XP/Vista/Windows 7 Apr 2, 2012 MULTI LANGUAGE 35.55 exe

SAMSUNG Allshare ver. 2.0 Software

Win XP/Vista/Windows 7 Apr 2, 2012 MULTI LANGUAGE 3.67 pdf
Description OS Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File

  1. This firmware is for TV Model(s):EH4500 / EH5300 / ES6100-7150
  2. The version is 2003.2
  3. This firmware update will improve the following:

    - Support Amazon and FiOS TV app

    - Resolves Black when running Netflix.

    - Resolves the issue that TV changes the source or picture size after exit from Nextflix.

    - Resolves issue Netfilx doesn''t log on

    - Support Samsung Link

    - Support Verizon Apps

    - Support Netflix 3.2 codec

    - Resolves picture shaking and line noise on 1080p source.

    - Supports Yahoo SyncPlus app..

    - Resolves escaping issue while watching movie on VUDU.

    - Resolves issue Cinemanow does not play certain title.

    - Resolves compatibility issue with DLNA devices.

    - Improves picture quality.

    - Supports Samsung wireless audio dock (WAD) - * series ES6500 and above only

    - Solves the problem closed caption does not show.
All OS Feb 23, 2015 ENGLISH 141.33 zip

TV Firmware Upgrade Instruction

All OS Jun 14, 2012 ENGLISH 0.49 pdf
Description Release Date Language Size (MB) Download File
EnergyGuide Label (Environment)
Apr 25, 2012 ENGLISH 0.23 pdf

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  • Unable To Connect Using SoundShare

    SoundShare does not connect If the SoundShare function is not working properly, follow the steps below to narrow down the cause. Verify your Samsung TV has the SoundShare function enabled. Verify your Samsung TV Speaker Settings are set to SoundShare. In the same audio menu where you [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Keyboard Does Not Pair After Multiple Attempts

    If your keyboard has not paired after multiple attempts there may be an issue with the Bluetooth adapter in the TV or the Keyboard. To determine which device is not communicating correctly follow these troubleshooting steps: Open the Contact Samsung portion of the Support Menu. (Menu > [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Naming The TV's Input

    Naming your TVs input can help you remember what is attached to each source. Tip: Naming an input PC or DVI PC will change the scaling of the source and improve the picture quality. To name your TV source follow these steps: With your TV powered on press the SOURCE button. Use the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Weak or No Signal Displayed in TV Mode / Cannot Find Channel - 2013 TV Troubleshooting Tips

    Perform an Auto Program to help find channels on your device. Watch this video to learn how. [How-To Video]

  • Method 2: Through A Factory Reset

    With the powered press the MENU button and use the Up or Down navigation keys to select the Support portion of the menu, then press ENTER. In the Support portion of the menu the use the Up or Down navigation keys to select Self Diagnosis, and then press ENTER. Use the Up or Down [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Turning On The TV For The First Time (Setup)

    When you turn on the TV for the first time you will be walked through configuring the TV for your system. This setup is named Setup in the menu you can always go back through this setup at anytime and reset your TV back to its original settings. When going through the setup just follow the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Family Story Closer Anouncement

    After much analysis Samsung has decided to terminate the Family Story service so that we can focus our efforts on providing even better services in the future. FAQ's About The Family Story Termination: Q) When will the Family Story app be terminated? A) We have decided to run the service [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Samsung Remote Management Support

    Do you need a quick solution to a TV problem? With Samsung's Remote Management Support tool, a member of our support team can remotely diagnose your TV to get you on your way to a solution. Watch this video to learn how. [How-To Video]

  • Mini Wall-Mount Installation - WMN250M

    Follow along with this video to learn how to safely and properly install the WMN250M Mini Wall-Mount for your 2009-2012 Samsung television. [How-To Video]

  • Un-boxing

    Important: Before you un-box your TV make sure you have all the tools you will need and the space cleared where the TV will be put after assembly. For most TVs, a Phillips head screw driver will be needed. Locate the four (4) plastic tabs which lock the box together. These are located on the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Samsung Smart View App Dual View Function

    Important: Due to a change in content protection laws the Dual View feature within Samsung Smart View may not be available on certain mobile devices after August 10, 2012. Type TV Model Mobile Model Dual View Feature Availability (Mobile Devices Manufactured After Aug 10, 2012) [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • How To Connect Speakers Directly To The TV Without An Amplifier

    Although your TV may have RCA or 3.5mm (1/4') audio outputs and you can physically connect speakers directly to these connections they are not meant to be used this way. Samsung audio out connections are fixed audio outputs. This means they output a constant power (usually 500 milliamps) and [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • The Closed Captioning Feature Is Greyed Out (Cannot Be Selected)

    If the closed captioning feature is greyed out on your TV this means you are on a source that does not carry the CC signal. Selected Source Carries CC signal Connection Coax Yes AV Yes Component No HDMI No The only two inputs that [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • USB Device Requirements

    Important: Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of data. Samsung is not responsible far any data file damage or lost. Do not disconnect a USB device while it is loading. The USB devices you use with Wiselink must comply with the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • No 5.1 Audio Output

    The optical audio output on the TV is capable of outputting 5.1 audio but only when the TV is doing the decoding of the audio signal. Input 5.1 Available TV (Coax) O* Composite (AV) X Component X HDMI X USB O** Apps O * Only [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • While Streaming Netflix The Picture Will "Blink" Or Change Quality.

    The Netflix 2.1 app released by Netflix included many changes. One of the biggest changes was the addition of adaptive streaming. Adaptive streaming will automatically adjust the picture quality of the video content from HD to SD depending on the fluctuations in your network speed. This is [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Method 1

    To see the firmware version on your TV, follow these steps: With your TV powered on press the MENU button on your TVs remote control. Use the Up or Down arrow to select the Support section of the menu, and then press ENTER. Use the Up or Down arrow to select Contact Samsung, and [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • The Brightness Is Dimming Automatically

    If the brightness on your TV changes automatically (randomly dims and brightens), you may need to adjust the: Eco Sensor function. - And / Or - Energy Saving function. The Eco Sensor and Energy Saving functions adjust the brightness of the TV to reduce power consumption. When you set [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Battery Powered

    [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Gateway Ping Test Fails

    At the Gateway Ping Test, your TV has verified that its wireless settings are functioning and it has sent a signal to the Wireless Router. If a Gateway Ping Failure occurs, the TV has sent the signal to the Router, but the Router has not sent the signal back. The network setup is correct, but [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Internet Service Continues To Fail

    While its nearly impossible to cover all the different router and modem models and settings, we can easily determine if the router, modem or their settings are causing the problem. Important: You will need an Ethernet cable long enough to reach from your modem to the back of your TV. To test [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Cleaning The 3D Glasses

    The proper way to clean the 3D glasses is one lens at-a-time. It is not advisable to clean them in the same way that you would clean regular glasses (one finger on each lens), as it could damage the glasses. Do not clean both sides (front and back) at the same time as this will damage the [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Testing Your Remote Control and Remote Sensor

    To test your remote control and the remote control sensor on your TV, perform one or both of the following tests: Digital Camera Test You can test the remote with a digital camera (including camera phones). To test the remote with a digital camera, follow these steps: Turn your camera on. Aim [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • P.Size Button on Your Remote

    You can use the P.Size button on your remote to change the aspect ratio on your TV. This button is located on the lower half of your remote control. To use the P.SIZE button, follow these steps: Press the P.SIZE button once and your TV displays the current aspect ratio. While the TV [Troubleshooting Guide]

  • Redbox Instant Discontinuing Service

    Redbox Instant by Verizon is discontinuing service on Tuesday October 7th. Below are some FAQs and answers: Why is this happening? The service is shutting down because it was not as successful as we hoped it would be. We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you for giving us the [FAQs]

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