What to do when Unable to play specific files?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020


These can be causes of the symptom.

    1. Not supported file type.

    2. WMA DRM.


1. Not supported file type

If the player can not play specific files, please check the file type is supported by your player.You can check the list of supported file in user manual.

 [Sample : YP-P3 model]


The most common music file types are MP3 and WMA. Both of them are supported by all Samsung MP3 players manufactured after 2003. The important thing to know about WMA file is that transferring or playing the file is not available during ripping. You can find this information in.

    Step 1) Selecting the music.  

    Step 2) Selecting properties.

    Step 3) Selecting License tab.


When ripping music with Windows Media Player, you have the option to protect the file(s) by using the Tools > Options > Rip Music tab. If the “Copy Protect” box has been checked, this will limit the amount of times the music can be transferred or played. If you’ve received the file from a friend, it’s possible that your friend had the “Copy Protect” box selected and there is no exception of ripping the track again without the “Copy Protection”.


Another popular file type is OGG. OGG files are not supported by Windows Media Player. Therefore, you cannot use WMP to transfer OGG files to your device. If you use other software to transfer OGG files, it may be possible to play those files on your device. Samsung provide the available software (Emodio) to transfer all files that are supported by Samsung MP3 players.

So now that you know about file types verify the file type which is having trouble and ensure that your device supports which particular file type. To solve, you may need to :

    1) Re-rip the song without copy protection.

    2) Transfer the song again as it may have been corrupted during the initial transfer.



    WMA-DRM 10 files are subscription based files that contain licenses which need to be updated and will only work provided you maintain your subscription with the music provider. If your MP3 Player displays "DRM has expired", this means that one of more of your songs was downloaded through a subscription service such as Napster2Go, Rhapsody, or Yahoo Music and the subscription has ended. In order to remove the message from the MP3 player, you must renew your contract with the appropriate subscription service and transfer the song (s) again. If you no longer wish to subscribe to that service, the song that is causing the error must be deleted.

• What is WMA

    WMA stands for Windows Media Audio and it is a digital audio file format developed by Microsoft.
    The main difference between WMA and MP3 is that you have the ability to program WMA files so they cannot be copied. This rights management feature allows the creator of the music to control how the music is consumed and prevents unlimited copying of the music file.

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