The Game Changing Tech
to Look Out for in 2022

Connecting everyone to the future - and each other

If we’ve learned anything from the past two years, it’s that neither humans nor technology can exist in isolation. So for 2022 we wanted to show that at Samsung, we’re all about a brighter future, created with connection, customisation and sustainability. What does that mean? It means we’re not just passionate about bringing you tech that makes your life seamless - we’re committed to bringing future communities together, and doing it responsibly.

Whether it’s smart homes for the family, consumer-client relationships, or environmental impact, our vision for 2022 remains the same: to create and integrate AI that connects us both digitally and emotionally. Because the more connected we are, the more interesting the future becomes. And that’s why we’re determined to bring our sustainable, connected and customisable products together…for tomorrow.


Your wellbeing, made better

From video doorbells to energy-efficient materials, to remote controlled heating, the concept of a smart home that’s great for the planet isn’t brand new. But it’s not just about keeping the planet ticking over - your personal health and wellbeing is just as important. And of course, smart Samsung products can help. Take the latest addition to our Samsung Bespoke fridge freezer series, the French Door. With its Beverage centre, you'll always have cool water ready, and with the CoolSelect+ system, you can programme five different sections of the fridge with their own specific temperature, so you can keep your veg crisp without freezing the milk. It also reads food labels, which is perfect if you're avoiding certain ingredient. Then there’s our new Jet vacuum which automatically gets rid of dirt and dust every time it’s docked - great for those with allergies, and cleaner air for everyone.


Your daily life, customised

One of the most requested features for all Samsung products across the board is the ability to customise products to meet the needs of our creative customers. And we get it - moulding tech to your personal preferences can actually change behaviours, and even lifestyles, for the better. That’s why we created #YouMake - changing the game by allowing you to really make your devices your own.

Perhaps you’re looking to personalise your Frame TV to the perfect viewing angle or Bespoke refrigerator to match the lampshade that gets so many compliments. Maybe you’re looking to colour-match your Flip 3 to your Galaxy Watch 4? Or perhaps you want to throw a winter movie marathon and transform your home into a cinema with The Freestyle (complete with customisable image sharpness, size and sound)? Whatever you want to do to make tech personal to you, we’ve got you covered.


Your communities, connected

As Ferris Bueller (the original Gen X mouthpiece said) said, life moves pretty fast - so staying connected needs to be as efficient on the move as it is when you’re sitting in your living room.

Take mobile gaming - people no longer exclusively play at home. Our 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8 won Best in Innovation for Gaming, and we’ve also upgraded our phones with Exynos 2200, a processor so powerful you won't be able to tell the difference in quality, whether you're playing at home or on mobile. And as for screen size, our range of foldables for 2022 includes the Z fold 3. It’s big enough for on-the-go play, with the kind of vibrancy and sharpness you need. No more being tethered to the sofa - in the future, you’ll build your gaming network wherever you go.


Your metaverse, expanding

Where digital meets physical, wonderful things can happen. By now, you’ll have heard of (or bought, or even sold) crypto currency. You may even own an NFT. But what is the future of the consumer in the virtual world? We’ve got some ideas…like Store 837X (a virtual version of our bricks-and-mortar NYC Samsung experience store). We opened it in Decentraland, an online space where you can use crypto to purchase in-world items, and enjoy fully immersive experiences like quests with friends, attend mixed-world events and buy and use non-fungible tokens. Who knows, you might discover the next digital Banksy.

The game-changing tech in 2022

Explore the new AI connecting everyone to the future - and each other

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