Family Hub™

Chill out with a fridge that can do no more

Samsung Family Hub

Flexible Storage

3-and 4-Door Designs

French Door Design - 751L Chef Collection French Door Fridge & Family Hub 550L American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer

Access on the Go Items

Side-by-Side Design

Side By Side Fridges - Side By Side Fridge with Twin Cooling 571L & G-Series with SpaceMax Technology, 615L

Frost-Free Freshness

One Door Fridge

"Samsung One Door Fridge - Freezer with All-Around Cooling, 277L & Fridge with All- Around Cooling, 348 L"

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Top Mount Freezer

Samsung Top Mount Fridges - Top Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus™ RT7000K and RT46 TMF with Twin Cooling Plus™

More Space, Less Shopping

Bottom Mount Freezer

Bottom Mount Freezer

Quick Access

Food Showcase

Samsung Food Showcase Fridge - Food ShowCase Fridge Freezer RH57H90507F & Food Showcase Fridge RH60H8130WZ

Fresh Filtered Water

Water Filters

Fresh Filtered Water For Your Samsung Fridge

Applied Filters

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