How to use Workspace on your Samsung Smart TV

Have you ever wished your TV could double as a computer or laptop? With Samsung Smart TV you can easily use your TV as a remote PC, share your screen, use Samsung DeX or use MS Office 365 with the Workspace function.

Work and learn at home with Workspace

As time goes by, the functions that can be performed on your TV are becoming increasingly advanced. The TV itself supports many features, and if your personal computer can be used with your TV, the possibilities of what you can do will be even more extensive.

In addition to PC remote access and PC mirroring, you can access Microsoft 365 directly and access documents on your TV. Check out the features available with the Workspace function.

TV with Workspace

4 main uses with the Workspace function

Easy Connection allows you to remotely control your PC through an app. Screen Sharing allows you to mirror a PC that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Samsung DeX allows you to use your mobile device as a PC on the TV. And Microsoft 365 can be accessed directly using the TV web browser.

The Easy Connection to Screen app allows you to control your PC from your Smart TV. First, install the app on your PC, and then log in with your Samsung account. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are connected to the TV and follow the detailed guide on how to access your PC from the TV.

Step 1. From the Home menu, select Source, then navigate to choose Connected Devices > Workspace.

using the Easy Connection to Screen app step 1

Step 2. From the Workspace menu, select Windows PC. A Windows PC guide will appear.

using the Easy Connection to Screen app step 2

Step 3. Download the app by navigating to the link displayed on the guide screen.

using the Easy Connection to Screen app step 3

Step 4. From your PC, log in to the same Samsung account as your TV.

using the Easy Connection to Screen app step 4

Step 5. When shown, select the connected PC’s icon.

using the Easy Connection to Screen app step 5

Note: Easy Connection is only supported on Windows 10.

Samsung TVs come equipped with Wi-Fi Direct, which facilitates seamless screen sharing between TVs and PCs. To share your PC's screen on your TV, or vice versa, use the on-screen instructions to adjust your settings and connect a computer to your TV using Wi-Fi.

How to activate Screen Share

Step 1. On your PC, navigate to Management Centre or Device from the notifications area of the taskbar.

screen sharing step 1

Step 2. Select Connect or Press and then choose your TV to complete the connection.

screen sharing step 2


  • Screen Sharing is only supported on Windows 10.
  • There is no resolution limit, as the PC screen is shared in real time.

With Samsung DeX, you can use your mobile device as a PC using your Samsung Smart TV. Galaxy devices come with Wireless DeX, so you can easily connect your mobile device to a Smart TV using Wi-Fi. From the Workspace menu, select Samsung DeX and follow the on-screen guide.

Step 1. Select Samsung DeX from the Workspace menu, and see the on-screen guide.

using Samsung DeX step 1
using Samsung DeX step 2 using Samsung DeX step 2

Step 2. As directed by the on-screen guide, swipe down from the top of your phone screen to access the notifications bar, then tap the DeX button.

using Samsung DeX step 3 using Samsung DeX step 3

Step 3. Choose a TV to connec to.

using Samsung DeX step 4 using Samsung DeX step 4

Step 4. Tap the Start now button.

After you complete all of the steps above the TV screen will switch over to your Samsung DeX screen.

DeX screen on TV and mobile device

The connection with your phone is saved on your TV and you can begin using Samsung DeX immediately.

the connection on your TV screen


  • Make sure that your Galaxy device supports connecting wirelessly with Samsung DeX via Wi-Fi.
  • The connection with your phone is saved on your TV.

You can access Microsoft 365 through the Workspace function to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. There is no OS limit as this function is based on cloud services when used on a web browser on a TV.

How to access Microsoft 365

Step 1. Select the Microsoft 365 icon on the Workspace menu.

Microsoft 365 icon on Workspace screen

Step 2. Enter the ID and password associated with your Microsoft Office account.

log in Microsoft account

Note: Symbols that are not supported by the Samsung One UI font may not be displayed properly.


  • If you are having trouble with your Samsung Smart TV, you should always check to see if there are any software updates available as these may contain a fix for your problem.
  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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