Best Front Load Washing Machine
Front Loader Washing machine with extra window
Add Wash Technology

Simply add items* during the wash.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine with the unique extra window, you can put in any missed clothing, pre-washed items or fabric softener, even in the middle of the wash cycle.

Latest Front loading Washing Machine
Best front load washing Machines
Latest Washing Machine front load
Add Items during machine cycle

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~Add Door can be opened at any time if the temperature inside the drum is below 50o C. Individual results may vary.
Washer and dryer

Washing and drying in one machine.

Sit back and relax as Samsung Washer & Dryer takes care of your clothes. Its 4-stage Air Process takes fresh air into the water, heats it and steams it over your clothes. Then in-built dryer automatically starts the drying cycle.

Fully automatic Washing Machine with standard program set up


Wash your clothes with the standard program.

Manual drying time set up

Time Drying

Set your preferred drying time with manual program.

Front loader Washing Machine with Gentle wash

Low Temperature

The special drying program provides a gentle wash for your delicate clothes.

Washing Machine that makes ironing easier


An innovative mode that leaves moisture on your clothes to make ironing easier.

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Washer and dryer
Stunning Washing Machine
front loading Crystal Blue Door

Looks amazingly good and does more.

Samsung Crystal Blue Washing Machine not only looks stunning but also gives you complete control. It offers multiple washing modes, gentle yet thorough cleaning with Ecobubble™ Technology and easy troubleshooting with an app.

Quiet, quick and energy efficient washing machine
Fully automatic washing machine with gentle wash
Latest Washing Machine with smart check feature

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Latest Fully automatic washing Machine

Perfect wash with bubble therapy.

Get rid of the most difficult stains with Eco Bubble™ Technology. It generates powerful bubbles that let the detergent penetrate into the clothes for a deeper and gentler cleaning.

Full automatic Washing machine with gentle washing

Washes gently and efficiently

Get perfectly washed clothes without any harm to the fabric and low energy consumption.

Washing machines that saves energy

Saves energy while washing

Uses less water at lower temperatures (150C) to save more energy.^

Washing machines that easily removes tough stains

Takes care of tough stains

Bubble Soak technology soaks the clothes in bubbles, then completely removes the stain.#

Washing Machine that makes ironing easier

The perfectfabric care

Avoids warm wash that ensure clothes remain damage-free, soft and new.

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^Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010/4kg Wash Load/Super Eco Wash cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40° without Eco Bubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary. #Tested in accordance with IEC 60456 5th edition/8kg Wash Load/Bubble Soak Wash (WF80F5E5U4) vs. Cotton 40/60°, Synthetic 60°, and Denim 40° without Bubble Soak (WF0702WKU). Features are subject to change without prior notice.
Washing Machine with Eco Bubble technology
Washing machines with perfect fabric care
Complete fabric care

Complete fabric care with Diamond Drum.

The unique diamond shaped depressions removes deep-seated dirt. It also ensures less wash-related damage, giving your clothes a gentle and holistic wash. Its smooth, diamond shaped ridges are supremely gentle and its smaller water exit holes prevent fabrics from getting trapped and damaged. So your clothes keep looking good for a long time.

best washing machine for fabric

Gentle fabric care

Small holes located deep within the diamond-shaped depression prevents clothes from tangling

best washing machine for fabri

No more washing damage

Smaller water exit holes prevent fabrics from sticking out and getting damaged.

Washing machine that gives deep wash

Soft curl drum design

The innovative design creates a unique and gentle spin of the washboard for a thorough and deeper wash.

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Unmatched durability for complete assurance.

Washing Machine with Bubble soak technology

Bubble Soak


With the touch of a button the Bubble Soak Technology helps remove a variety of stubborn stains.#

Washing machines with silent wash

VRT Plus


Samsung’s VRT Plus reduces noise and vibration, so you can do your laundry peacefully.

Front loading Washing machine with longer life

Ceramic Heater


The reduced heating time helps prolong the life of your machine. The surface stays free of scale build up thanks to the porous surface.

Full automatic Washing machine with 3 years warranty

Complete Assurance


Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machines are built for the toughest of conditions so you can stay stress free.

Best Washing Machine

Eco Bubble Generator


The energy efficient Eco Bubble Generator helps save energy for longer periods of time even with extensive use.

No noise Washing machine

Complete Assurance


Reduced noise and vibration prevents the wear and tear of the machine so it lasts a long time.

Best Front load Washing Machine

*Terms & conditions apply on 3 year & 10 year warranty.#Tested in accordance with IEC 60456 5th edition/8kg Wash Load/Bubble Soak Wash (WF80F5E5U4) vs. Cotton 40/60°, Synthetic 60°, and Denim 40° without Bubble Soak (WF0702WKU).
All images, features, claims, specifications shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary from model to model.