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Z Fold2 5G

This is the phone that's changing the shape of the future. Discover the cutting-edge hinge technology that allows it to fold like a book, stand on its own, and break the rules of what you thought a smartphone should do.

Galaxy Z Fold2 unfolded and seen from the front with the butterfly graphic wallpaper onscreen.

Galaxy S20 FE

This is the phone for people who want it all. So whether you're a fan of photography, gaming, or filling your feed with all that inspires you, we put together the ultimate combination of S20 innovation. Galaxy S20 FE is the phone that gives you what you want, to do more of what you love.

Two Galaxy S20 FE 5G phones in Cloud Navy, one seen from the rear and one seen from the front. The one seen from the front has a blue graphic wallpaper onscreen.

Note20 |
20 Ultra

This isn’t a smartphone as you know it. This is the phone made for the new norm, with a computer suite in your pocket, pro-grade 8K video and editing, and the smoothest display on Galaxy — controlled by the most powerful S Pen yet. This is the new power phone: Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra.

Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Green and Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze, both seen from the rear. The matching S Pen is leaning against the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

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