Experts in sound innovation Samsung Audio Lab

Tested and tuned at the California Audio Lab, where our world-class audio engineers apply advanced acoustic technologies and cutting-edge computer modeling to give you perfectly balanced, room-filling sound.

Samsung Audio Lab Samsung Audio Lab

"Our focus starts at the ear of the listener, then expands out to the listening environment – the transducers (woofers and tweeters), amplifiers, and digital signal processors (DSPs)."

Allan Devantier Vice President of Samsung Audio Lab

Q Soundbar and TV,
the perfect harmony Q-Symphony

The Soundbar syncs with your Samsung TV, together creating immersive sound. It combines and enhances sound through the soundbar's speakers as well as the TV's speakers, giving you a new level of acoustic immersion so you can experience content like never before.

Samsung Q-Symphony Soundbar Samsung Q-Symphony Soundbar

*Features may not be compatible with all Samsung TVs.
*Functions may vary by TV model.
*Function requires only wired connection to TV, not including wireless connection to TV.

Feel the depth of
moving sound Samsung Acoustic Beam

Don’t let your audio stand still. Samsung Acoustic Beam technology mixes and delivers the sound so it appears to come precisely where the action is happening on screen. Perfect for movie and gaming, it's true 5.1ch sound that really moves you.

Samsung Acoustic Beam Soundbar Samsung Acoustic Beam Soundbar

Elevated sound from every direction

Explore the depths of sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The two let you hear each distinct sound as it flows around and above you, just as you would in real life.

Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Sound that takes you
to the scene Up-firing rear speakers included

Adding a vertical element for three-dimensional sound, the included Samsung Wireless Rear Speakers with up-firing drivers reflect sound off the ceiling to deliver breathtaking overhead audio — giving you the experience of a theatre right in your home.

Soundbar - Up-firing rear speakers included Soundbar - Up-firing rear speakers included

Sound optimized for
each scene Adaptive Sound

Samsung soundbar analyses the sound signal to automatically deliver optimized sound based on each scene. Adaptive Sound lets you hear voices clearly even on low volumes so even quiet conversations are heard.

Hear better. Play better. Game Mode Pro

Brace yourself for a powerful, immersive gaming experience with subwoofers that enhance the scene and up-firing speakers that provide incredible surround sound. The soundbar automatically switches to Game Mode when connected to your Samsung TV so you can focus on playing, not setting up.

Soundbar - Game Mode Pro Feature Soundbar - Game Mode Pro Feature

*Compatible TVs and game consoles only. (over Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch)
*Game console sold separately.
*Compatible devices may vary.

Sound as good as the picture Seamless HDR 10+ experience

Experience the sensation of sound in HDR 10+ content as you should. When you connect HDR 10+ content to the soundbar through other devices, you get lossless, nuanced audio to match detailed picture.

Soundbar - Seamless HDR 10+ experience Soundbar - Seamless HDR 10+ experience

*HDR 10+ picture quality output available with equivalent input.
* Compatibility with all HDR content is not guaranteed

Craftsmanship beyond sound Textile by Kvadrat

A sound system with exceptional sound that has high-quality design to match. The unibody soundbar and accompanying speakers are accented with Kvadrat fabric, a timeless textile that enhances how you see sound. It's a refined experience that blends into any room of the house.

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