Galaxy Watch Active: Troubleshooting guide

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

If you've encountered an issue with your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, please attempt the following solutions to resolve the issue. If problem persists, you can visit our Samsung Service Centre with your device for further assistance.

Calls are not connected

• Ensure that your Galaxy Watch Active is connected to a Mobile Device via Bluetooth. If your Galaxy Watch Active is connected to your Mobile Device remotely, you cannot receive incoming calls

• Ensure that you have not set call barring for the incoming phone number on the Mobile Device and Galaxy Watch Active

• Check if do not disturb mode, goodnight mode, or theatre mode is activated. If one of these modes has been activated, the touchscreen does not turn on during incoming calls. Press the Home key or Back key to turn on the screen and check the incoming call

Wireless charging using PowerShare feature does not work properly on Galaxy Watch Active

You can charge Galaxy Watch Active with Mobile Device’s battery by using Wireless PowerShare function.As wireless charging efficiency depends on distance between wireless charging coils embedded in the devices, the Wireless PowerShare feature may not work properly depending  on the type of accessories or cover being used on Mobile Device .

In this case it is recommended to remove any accessories and cover on Mobile Device being used before using PowerShare feature. Also the location of the wireless charging coil may vary by device. Adjust the device and the Galaxy Watch Active to make a strong connection.

• To charge properly, do not move or use the device or Galaxy Watch Active while charging

• If you charge the Galaxy Watch Active while charging the device that functions as a wireless charging pad, the charging speed may decrease or the Galaxy Watch Active may not charge properly, depending on the charger type

• Charging speed or efficiency may vary depending on the device’s condition or the surrounding environment

• If the remaining battery power of the device that functions as a wireless charging pad drops below a certain level, power sharing will stop

When Bluetooth connection is not established while connecting Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to Mobile Device?

• Ensure that the Bluetooth feature on both devices is activated

• Ensure there are no obstacles, such as walls or electrical equipment, between the devices

• Ensure that the latest version of the Galaxy Wearable App is installed on the Mobile Device

• Ensure that your Galaxy Watch Active and the other Bluetooth device are within the Bluetooth connection range (10 m). The distance may vary depending on the environment the devices are used in

• Restart both devices and launch the Galaxy Wearable App on the Mobile Device again

Cannot sync Samsung Health data between Galaxy Watch Active and Mobile Device

Please update Samsung Health application version on your Mobile Phone to the latest. ( or later version).

To update software, launch  Samsung Health App > Tap 3 vertical icon (on the right side of the screen) > Settings > About Samsung Health

Galaxy Watch Active does not turn on

• If the battery is completely discharged, the Galaxy Watch Active cannot be turned on immediately when the charger is connected. Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before turning on the Galaxy Watch Active. Use the charger to charge the battery before using it for the first time

• Use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables.Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the Galaxy Watch Active

• And, before charging the battery, ensure that the charging terminals of the Galaxy Watch Active and the wireless charger dock are free of foreign material, such as sweat, liquid, or dust. Clean the charging terminals with a soft dry cloth

Screen does not turn on when raise your wrist while wearing the device

Check whether the following modes are activated on your Galaxy Watch Active:

• Do not disturb mode: Mute all notifications except for alarms and the screen will not turn on when notification are received

• Theater mode: All alarms and notifications are muted  and the screen will not turn on when a notification is received or when thereis an alarm. Also, the wake-up gesture feature and watch always on feature will be deactivated automatically

• Good night mode: All notifications except for alarms are muted and the screen will not turn on when notifications are receivedwhile sleeping. Also, the wake-up gesture feature and watch always on feature will be deactivated automatically

Water lock mode:  The touchscreen, the wake-up gesture feature, and the watch always on feature will be deactivated

If those modes are enabled  by user’s intention, wake-up gesture will be deactivated automatically.


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