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No Distractions:
Study Effectively at Home

Studying doesn’t have to be boring and difficult. Here’s how to take your learning to new levels.

Make studying at home work for you. Make studying at home work for you.

The struggle to be in control is real these days when you’re studying at home. Your bed is too comfortable, there is no teacher to advise you, and there are way too many distractions calling for your attention. Here are some simple tips you could adopt to overcome them.


Optimise your study space.

This is important. Creating a clean, comfortable and distraction-free zone helps you focus better and study longer. Bringing air-purifying plants into this space also helps your overall well-being.


Study in short bursts.

After 30 minutes of studying, give your brain time to absorb your learnings and refocus with 5 to 10-minute study breaks. How you take study breaks are also important. Instead of checking your phone, drink water and give your body a stretch.


Create a study playlist.

The rhythm of music notes will help you focus. Some people work better listening to light, instrumental music while others are more efficient with strong, cinematic music. Try studying with each music style for 30 minutes and see which works for you.


Get competitive with quizzes.

Who said you always need to study alone? Create quick pop quizzes with friends through group chats. It’s fun, motivates you to study harder, and trains you to recall information in a snap!

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