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4 Ways You Can Contribute to

Here’s how we can aid the World by leaving less waste behind for our next generation.

Over-pollution has become an increasingly dangerous problem to us and our planet. We’re here to get you off on the right path to an eco-friendly lifestyle to save our planet!

No disposable plastics

It was recorded that Malaysia had gathered about 148 thousand metric tons of plastics just for food packaging alone. What can we do? The Pandemic has given us limited options of dining and one of it being, ordering food online. Support "No Plastics" by opting for "no cutleries". It may be a small step but an important one.

Compost that food waste

After we eat, natural thing to do would be to just dump our leftovers into the bin. By doing this, our food waste ends up in a landfill which causes an increase of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that affects climate change.

We can start by composting our food. Instead of dumping it into the bin we can directly use them to enrich the soil for our plants. Don’t have any plants? Well, maybe now is a good start.

Use eco-friendly fridges

Get a fridge that is eco-friendly such as Samsung’s Bottom Mount Freezer with Optimal Fresh Zone. What this does is, it helps keep the groceries you have fresher for a longer period of time which helps reduce wastage.

These fridges are built more efficiently to keep things fresher while reducing the amount of energy being used. Killing two birds with one stone!

Borrow if you can

Ask a friend or family, if they have the item you are looking for before buying something you may use once in a while. Perhaps it may be time to be more cautious with what we would like to buy and what we really need.

Save the planet

It’s time to change the norm of how we do things and it can start as small as bringing a bottle around. If we want our children and their children to have a better world to live in, then now is the time to act.

Eco-friendliness at its peak

Take that first step into being eco-friendly.

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