Citi Pay

Q. How does Citi Pay with Points on Samsung Pay work?Click to Expand

Citi Pay with Points on Samsung Pay allows you to redeem a Samsung Pay transaction charged to your eligible Citi Credit Card, using your available Citi Points/Miles on Citi Credit Cards.

Q. How do I know if the transaction is eliglible for Citi Pay with Points redemption?Click to Expand

As soon as you perform the transaction on Samsung Pay, if your Citi Credit Card has sufficient Citi Points/Miles to redeem that transaction, you will receive a notification inviting you to redeem your transaction.
Alternatively, A "REDEEM" button will be displayed for each transaction which is eligible for Citi Pay with Points redemption.
You can view and choose to redeem your Citi Points/Miles for the latest 10 transactions made in the last 30 days.

Q. How do I check my available Citi Points/Miles in Samsung Pay?Click to Expand

You can check your available Citi Points/Miles in the payment cards list or the card details screen.

Q. I have multiple Citi Cards registered in Samsung Pay that are eligible for Citi Pay with Points. Can I combine the Citi Points/Miles from these cards to pay for my purchases?Click to Expand

No. Citi Points/Miles from multiple Citi Credit Cards cannot be combined to pay for your purchases. You can only pay your purchases with available Citi Points/Miles on the same Citi Credit Card.

Q. Can I pay with my Citi Points/Miles for purchases made in foreign currency?Click to Expand

No. Citi Pay with Points will not be eligible for purchases made in foreign currency.

Q. I didn't receive my Citi Pay with Points' notifications. How can I turn on the notification for Citi Pay with Points?Click to Expand

1.Launch Samsung Pay App
2.Tap on 'Settings'
3.Select 'Notifications'
4.Turn ON the setting for 'Citi Pay with Points'
*For Android™ 8.0.0 (Oreo) users, turn on the setting for 'Offer'.