Q. I can't see the new loyalty feature in my app. How do I get this?Click to Expand

To download the latest version of Samsung Pay,
1. Launch Samsung Pay App
2. Click on ‘Settings’
3. Tap on ‘About Samsung Pay’
4. If your app version is 2.4.33 and below, click 'Update'

Q. How can I add a loyalty card to Samsung Pay?Click to Expand

In Samsung Pay, select "Add" on the top right-hand corner and tap on "Add loyalty cards". Search for and select a retailer from the retailer list. You can scan your loyalty card or manually enter the respective card number. Alternatively, click on "Loyalty cards" in Samsung Pay to add your loyalty card.

Q. What if I can't find a loyalty card that I want in the list?Click to Expand

You can add a card manually by selecting "Add a card that is not in the list." Take a picture of the front and/ or back of the card and fill in the relevant information.

Q. How many loyalty cards can I add?Click to Expand

You can add as many loyalty cards as you wish; however, only a total of 10 cards (payment/ loyalty cards) can be added as Favourite Cards. You may select which credit/ debit/ prepaid and loyalty cards you would like to access with Favourite Cards by selecting "Settings", then "Manage Favourite Cards".

Q. How do I present my loyalty card in Samsung Pay to the cashier?Click to Expand

Activate Favourite Cards when at the check-out counter or cashier. Swipe right or left to select the loyalty card. If your loyalty card is not added in Favourite Cards, select your card from the banner towards the upper right hand corner of the Favourite Cards screen. Tap on the card and show its barcode (top of screen) to the cashier or tap your phone on the MST loyalty card reader.
Alternatively, you can select your card from loyalty cards list. Tap on "Tap to use card" and present the barcode/card number to the cashier or tap your phone on MST loyalty card reader .

Q. What happens to my loyalty card after I decide not to use it?Click to Expand

If you no longer wish to shop at that merchant or use their loyalty card, simply delete the loyalty card in the loyalty tab and it will no longer appear in Samsung Pay.