How do I change the location tracking settings (GPS) on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Last updated: 29 April, 2014


The Location services settings let you choose how your mobile device will determine your location. Follow these steps to access location services settings.


Enabling location tracking


1. From the Home screen touch Apps Icon Apps.


2. Touch Settings Icon Settings. 


3. Touch Settings Location Icon Location.


4. Touch the switch Slider Off to turn location tracking on Slider On  and then touch Agree on the Location consent screen.



Switching mode


Touch Mode to select the accuracy level of location tracking. Choose from the following:

  • High accuracy: this option has the highest level of accuracy, using GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile data networks interchangeably to estimate your location. Data charges from your mobile network may apply when using this option.
  • Power saving: this option uses only Wi-Fi and mobile data networks to estimate your location. Data charges from your mobile network may apply when using this option.
  • GPS only: this option uses only the GPS network.

Recent Location Requests

Any apps that have requested access to your location will display in this area. Under the app name you will also see the battery usage required for this app to make the request. Touch an app to access its App information screen.



Location Services

Your device uses information from Wi-Fi or mobile data networks (or both) to help calculate your position. This option lets Google use its location services to estimate your location and improve search results and other services. Touch Google Location Reporting and turn Location Reporting and Location History on or off.


My Places

My Places lets your device recognise your location to provide relevant information and services. Add places such as Home, Work, and Car using the Maps app and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to recognise locations. For example, set your Home location using Google Maps to search for your location or define your Car location by selecting your car from the paired Bluetooth devices.

To define additional places, touch Add Places Icon . To delete places you've added touch More options More Options Icon > Delete.

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