Food Management

Easily make your family’s favourite food

Make meal times easier and cook the food that your family loves. The Smart Recipes app provides delicious ideas with simple on-screen instructions. The Meal Planner app suggests meals to cook based on your preferences and the food in the fridge. It also lets you create a weekly shopping list.

Smart Recipes Smart Recipes

*Requires Smarthings and Family Hub app

Family Connection

Family Board

Co-ordinate your family life by sharing news, calendars, messages and special moments on the Family Board. Simply use the home screen or your compatible smartphone and synchronise them to with the Family Hub. You can show photos, post stickers, draw pictures and type or hand-write notes. You can even add a music player.

SmartThings and Family Hub App must be downloaded to a compatible smartphone (supports Android and Apple). Family Hub requires an internet connection. Data charges may apply. Apps and services are subject to change at any time without notice. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc.


Watch your phone or TV and keep cooking

Watch mobile content or TV programs while cooking. The SmartThings App can display what’s on your compatible smartphone* or Samsung Smart TV** without having to buy or install any additional software. Simply open the app, choose a smart device or TV and both screens will instantly show the same content.

Smart View Smart View

* Compatible with Galaxy S6 and above mobiles.
** Compatible with:
▪ 2015~2017 model of Smart TV: J/K/MU6400 series or above
▪ 2018 model of Smart TV: NU7400 series or above
▪ 2019 model of Smart TV: Q60R series or above

*Data charges may apply. Apps and services are subject to change at any time without notice.

* SRF662BFH4 model only.
Spotify and the Spotify logo are trademarks of the Spotify Group, registered in the U.S. and other countries

Smart Home

Simple and smarter control of your home

Turn your home into a smart home with SmartThings*. Using just your voice or a simple touch on your fridges home screen, you can control your smart appliances and IoT devices**. You can turn them on or off, adjust settings, co-ordinate activities and monitor power usage.

* Available on compatible Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Functionality dependent upon Wi-Fi/mobile network connection. May not work with third party sensors/controls.
**Compatible with selected 3rd party devices.

The Family Hub Range