High Resolution Monitor

The power to perfect professionals

Samsung ViewFinity,
a new benchmark for high resolution

Productive, precise, powerful.
Samsung’s ViewFinity delivers innovative experiences that can unlock the potential of business professionals,
content creators, and even graphic designers, with technology that brings any vision to life like never seen before.

CES innovation awards 2022 honoree logo.

Tailored to your taste

A versatile lineup provides a choice to match your exact use cases and needs.
Choose the high-resolution monitor with features and specifications that will elevate your interactions.

The following features may vary by model. For specific information,
please visit the individual product detail pages through the link above.

Broaden the boundaries
of your performance

Experience the perfect environment for exploration
with Samsung high resolution monitors
which deliver optimal creativity and flexibility.

Perfect picture quality
for peak performance

Lifelike colours
with crystal-clear

Experience details with vivid and vibrant
accuracy thanks to innovative colour technology
that recreates every scene with
real-world accuracy regardless of screen real estate.

98% DCI-P3 coverage
HDR 600 VESA certified
1.07B Colour Support
Monitor screen shows twisted stained glass in bright yellow, green, pink and purple colours. The monitor is twisted to the left and tilted slightly backward using the screen stand.
Clear even during
the day

Edit and review content clearly even in bright daylight.
With an amazing's glare-free monitor certified by UL,
Matte Display technology enables professionals to review and
edit with consistent levels of brightness and colours even
without a monitor hood.

UL-verified logo is placed on the right side of the monitor, with “verify.UL.com” website address and its registration number V166045 written on it. UL-verified logo is placed on the right side of the monitor, with “verify.UL.com” website address and its registration number V166045 written on it.
UL-verified logo is placed on the right side of the monitor, with “verify.UL.com” website address and its registration number V166045 written on it. UL-verified logo is placed on the right side of the monitor, with “verify.UL.com” website address and its registration number V166045 written on it.
Clear from any angle
IPS High quality panel
178° Wide viewing angle
Expanded space,
defined detail
Monitor screen displays video editing software, with video frames along the bottom, and editing tools on the right side of the screen. In the center of the screen, the focus of the editing shows a pathway illuminated in bright pink and purple colors. It is overlaid with three white squares showing the specifications of the three resolution options available for the monitor, UHD (3840x2160), QHD (2560x1440) and FHD (1920x1080).

Ultimate efficiency with limitless workspace

Do more with
your space

A wider workspace unlocks more possibilities
while versatile screen display options increase
productivity for efficient ideation and creation.

UHD 3840x2160
X4 More Pixels
than FHD
PBP Display Inputs from
2 PCs Simultaneously
PIP Quick & Easy
Screen Split
The monitor displays six separate drawings within one screen. Taking up the whole left side of the monitor screen is a digital blueprint drawing of multiple high-rise buildings. On the right side of the monitor screen are two similar digital blueprint drawings of multiple high-rise buildings. These are accompanied by blueprint of cars. The monitor is twisted to the left and the whole black stand and base is visible.
Speed and power,
90W Charging
1GB Data transfer
with LAN port
Showing the right hand side of the monitor, it displays a spreadsheet containing several data points including names, numbers and dates. A black USB-C cable goes left and right between the monitor and a laptop. The laptop is placed to the right of the monitor, displaying a report in PowerPoint, containing multiple types of graphs.

Connect everything, create anything

Complete docking for
cleaner workspaces

Acting as a docking station, cables and peripherals
can be connected directly to the monitor, creating
a clutter-free workspace that delivers on all your
connectivity needs, from power to multi-screen setups.

A full docking workspace setup includes monitor, laptop, mobile device, headphones, mouse and speaker. White lines show how the devices can all connect together via the monitor. On the screen of the monitor is music editing software, showing multiple layers of a music track in green, blue, pink and purple colors. On the screen of the laptop, which is placed just below the monitor, shows a different music editing software. This shows additional music track layers in blue, green and orange colors. The mobile device, placed to the right of the monitor and laptop, shows multiple filter options in purple, khaki green, beige and brown colors.
Multiple ports,
more possibilities
USB TYPE-C 90W charging
LAN Port 1GB Data transfer
Display Port Daisy Chain
The monitor has been tilted so that the right side of the back of the monitor is in the foreground. The back of the monitor shows the connectivity ports with faint white lines which lead to text describing each port. From top to bottom, the ports include: Headphone In, USB Service, USB 3.0 x2, Display Port Out, Lan IN, USB Type-C, Display Port In, HDMI In.

Maximise comfort,
Minimise distractions

Flexibility to maximise
everyday productivity

An adjustable stand and certified intelligent eye care
keep you comfortable and concentrated,
all supported by a slim, three-sided borderless display
for a clean and clear working setup.

HAS Height Adjustable Stand
Swivel & tilt
Vesa Compatible
2.5 MM Slim Metal Stand
Protect your eyes and do more
Adaptive Picture Automatically adjust
brightness & colour temperature
Eye Saver Mode Minimise blue light emission
Flicker free Remove screen flicker
Monitor screen shows a man wearing an open shirt with his chest exposed and denim jeans, jumping in the air with his right arm in the air and left arm at a 90-degree angle creating a right angle shape. His right leg is bent and left leg is straight out with toes pointed while mid-air. To the right of the man is a wooden fence, all against a plain white background. It is overlaid with two boxes, with the top box being filled by a darker colour. The top box is overlaid with the text “When it's dark” and the bottom box is overlaid with the text “When it's bright” to demonstrate the lighting adjustment capability of the monitor. The whole scene is superimposed within the bezels of the screen along with the monitor stand and base.

Don't just imagine
a better world, live it

Feel reassured knowing the products you use
are efficiently designed and created with eco-friendly resources
for a more sustainable future.

Helping a more sustainable future

Efficient technology for all

Feel confident with a thoughtfully designed monitor that prioritises
energy efficiency and eco-friendly packaging for a more sustainable future.

Energy Saving
Eco Saving Plus Mode Save power while maintaining
amazing picture quality
Eco Saving Mode Automatic brightness adjustment
to reduce energy consumption
EnergyStar , EPEAT . TCO Industry-certified
energy efficiency
Eco Package
Forest for All Forever Backed by world-renowned forest
management advocate FSC for
sustainable and ethical materials
Upcycling Dotted design to turn eco-friendly packaging
into practical home projects