Solve for Tomorrow

Solve for Tomorrow


2023 Winners

Well done to our 2023 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow winner – Cameron Moore!

A massive congratulations to Cameron Moore from Rotorua for being awarded our 2023 Solve for Tomorrow winner. The judges were blown away by the innovative and clever solutions they saw this year, especially Cameron’s invention of a ‘Humane Trap for Wallabies’.

Humane Trap for Wallabies

To tackle Rotorua’s wallaby problem and protect its native forests, Cameron designed a humane trap for wallabies that doesn’t harm any of the other local wildlife. He even created a prototype of his invention, using the design thinking process and technology like artificial intelligence.

“Wallaby infestation is a prevalent issue in New Zealand that conservationists are working to solve. Cameron’s out-of-the box thinking to come up with a new solution to this problem, and the prototype he built himself using AI, is truly exceptional. His invention could easily be implemented in New Zealand’s forests and could even have applications beyond wallabies!” says Dr Siouxsie Wiles.

Solve for Tomorrow Winner 2023: Humane Trap for Wallabies Solve for Tomorrow Winner 2023: Humane Trap for Wallabies

Down the Drain

We also want to extend a huge congratulations to Thomas Costar from Auckland, who secured second place in the competition for his project ‘Down the Drain’. He identified water running down the drain as a loss of potential energy, a valuable resource that our population is dependent on. To combat this, he designed and built a mechanism using a hydro turbine to generate electricity when water runs through it.

“What impressed me the most about Thomas’ project, was the scientific approach he took to development, and his demonstration of the design thinking process. His experimentation and rigorous testing resulted in a much more applicable design than his first attempt. This perseverance is a skill that will be critical throughout his career, whichever path he decides to pursue!” says Dr Joel Rindelaub,

Solve for Tomorrow Second Place 2023: Down the Drain | Samsung New Zealand Solve for Tomorrow Second Place 2023: Down the Drain | Samsung New Zealand

The judges were so impressed with this year’s entries that they also awarded two students with highly commended prizes!

Congratulations to Archie Gilchrist from Howick Intermediate School for The Kiwi Saver and Sarah Perera from ACG Parnell for Planet Saving Scribbles!