Expiration time of the Samsung Rewards Points

Last Update date : Dec 14. 2022

Points can be used in the Samsung Rewards program to get products and other benefits. However, these points are only good for a certain period before they are gone forever. Find more about Point expiration times below. 

View of Samsung Rewards balance with point expiration section highlighted.

Points earned in a particular month will be valid for [Insert based on providing service] calendar months until the last day of the final month. Any points not redeemed during this period will expire and be forfeited. When you redeem your points, we deduct the oldest points from your account first to ensure you have the full period to use all your earned points.

How to access Samsung Rewards

You will not find Samsung Rewards simply by opening the Galaxy Store, so the best way to get access is through the Samsung Members app on your device:

1 Go to the Samsung Members App.
2 Tap “Benefits”.
3 Select “Samsung Rewards”.

How to set notifications for the expiration date of your Samsung Rewards Points

You can set up notifications for reminders about your Samsung Reward Points expiration date by following these steps: 

1 Go to Samsung Rewards.
2 Tap the more options icon.
3 Select “Settings” and click “Notifications”.
4 Turn the “Show notifications” toggle button on.

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