How to monitor your sleep with Samsung Health

Last Update date : Aug 05. 2022

Samsung Health has several features to monitor different aspects of your health, even when you are sleeping. Find out more about the Sleep monitoring feature from Samsung Health in Galaxy watches.

View of the Sleep monitoring feature on a Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Health uses the Galaxy Watch to monitor your sleep patterns, track any sleep movements, and see how they line up with your sleep score. In addition, Samsung Health provides you with daily goals and coaching programs based on sleep data to help you form better sleep habits.

Samsung Health reports how well you are sleeping by measuring the duration of each sleep phase and your movements while asleep. Your recorded sleep score can be compared to the scores of users in the same age and gender groups.

Please note: This function is available for Galaxy Fit2, Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch4 series.

Samsung Health continuously measures blood oxygenation levels, even during sleep, to check your health.

Please note: This function is only available on the Galaxy Watch4 series.

Samsung Health's snoring detection feature records and alerts you to the sounds you make while you sleep. Find out if you have been snoring, how long and how often.

Please note: This function is only available on the Galaxy Watch4 series. To record snoring while wearing the Galaxy Watch, place your smartphone on a stable surface such as a bed or tabletop, with the bottom of the smartphone facing you.

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