Use Samsung Internet in a strong private and secure environment

Last Update date : Jun 14. 2022

In the current digital world, protecting your privacy while using the Internet is essential. That's why Samsung created private environments inside Samsung Internet where you can browse safely. This special tool for secure web browsing is known as "Secret mode".

View of Secret mode on the Samsung Internet screen.

Secret mode gives you the same browsing experience as you would normally experience in Samsung Internet, but with extra privacy and protection.

Cookies and browsing history for any websites you visit in Secret mode will be erased from your phone as soon as all your Secret mode tabs are closed.

You can even save pages and bookmarks in Secret mode. However, anything you save in Secret mode will only be visible in Secret mode.


If you want to activate Secret mode, follow these steps:

1 Run the Samsung Internet browser.
2 On the main screen of your Samsung Internet browser, tap on the tab manager icon on the bottom, where you can manage your open pages.
3 Activate Secret mode by tapping "Turn on Secret Mode".
4 On the next screen, you can see a guide explaining this mode. If you decide to activate Secret mode, tap the "Start" button.

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