Environmental Care

Eco-Conscious Service

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Meet our new badge

Exclusively used in customer service areas where our environmentally conscious service projects have been applied.

● The badge expresses our will to provide Customer Services with a mind set of environmental care.

● The blue spanner of the logo icon represents Samsung Customer Service and the green leaf which completes the spanner implies our care for the natural environment.

● We are using the logo to specific areas of our service where our unique “Eco Service” projects are implemented.

Eco Repair

You can choose to reduce e-waste by only replacing broken parts.

● We’re providing a component level repairs because through this service, you can replace only the defect part of your product instead of replacing assembly modules.

● Why is this related to the environmental care? Since it only requires minimum service parts production, we can reduce carbon emission from factories. Also electronic waste can be reduced if we only replace defect part from an assembly module and save other components.

● Available for specific models of TV and smartphones. Please contact customer support channel for more information.

Eco Box

Drop-off your old mobile devices to our collection points. We will take care of them for recycling.

● At our main service locations, we have placed e-waste collection boxes. Any customer who wants to dispose of broken or used mobile products can simply drop them off to collection boxes.

● We will deliver them to recycling companies so that we can take care of the last step of product lifecycle in a proper way for our environment.

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