Condensation forming on the freezer wall

Last Update date : Sep 18. 2020

* Please note, this section is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting information, also refer to your user manual for more information.

Condensation is usually a result of humidity entering into the refrigerator.
Please check the following:


■ Ensure that door is not obstructed by any item placed inside refrigerator when closing.

■ Check the door gaskets by closing the door and ensuring they are sitting flat on the cabinet surface. If any deformation (wave) or a split if found, a replacement will be recommended. 

■ Ensure food (especially large containers) are not stacked and are not blocking the air vents. This will result in poor cold air circulation in some areas of the storage compartment. 

Note: Condensation can also occur if the refrigerator door is left open for long intervals. The ideal set temperature of the cabinet should be 3˚C for Fridge and -18˚C for the Freezer. 

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