Descaling the steam generator

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

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Descaling cleaning
Using steam cook function is required to perform periodic descaling. This oven counts steam
cooking time and informs you when the steam generator is due to be descaled.

01 | Select Descaling cleaning mode
Warning : With blinking DISPLAY ICON, steam cooking function is available for 2 hours
max. If you do not perfrom the descaling 6 steps, you can not use steam cooking function.
Warning : Water scale is a normal phenomenon and it can affect the proper functioning of
this oven.
Descaling liquid Descaling product 125 ml + 1 L drinking water
• Use a descaling liquid product dedicated for steam ovens or coffee machines.
• Do not use a descaling product for other machines such as washing machines.
02 | Descaling 6 steps

Drain remaining water inside oven. Press and hold Drain key
for 3 seconds to start draining and wait until the d-2 step
starts automatically.
Fill water tank with descaling liquid to water level 3. When the
descaling liquid approaches water level 3, the d-3 step starts
This step takes 3 hours for descaling.
After 3 hours, the D-4 step begins automatically.
Drain all descaling liquid inside oven.
Press and hold the Drain key for 3 seconds to start draining
and wait the D-5 step starts automatically.
Fill water tank with clean water for rinse.
When the clean water approaches water level 3, the D-6 step
starts automatically.
Drain all water inside oven for rinse.
Press and hold Drain key for 3 seconds to start draining and
wait until descaling cleaning is completed.

Important : When you start descaling, proceed all descaling 6 steps. If you do not, you must
restart the descaling process from the beginning to use the steam cooking function again.




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