Sparkling Water Function

Last Update date : Dec 23. 2021

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Sparkling water is not dispensing.

If your Sparkling water is not dispensing check the following:

  1. Is the water line connected and the shut-off valve open?
  2. Is the Sparkling water Icon selected?
  3. Is the Sparkling Water Production Off Icon on?
  4. Are the Carbonation Level icons lighting in succession?
  5. Is the Sparkling Water Cylinder empty?
  6. Is the refrigerator door open?
  7. Is the cylinder lever unlocked?
  8. Is the Conrtol Lock on?


Please also see answers to how to solve some of these questions below: 

3. If the Sparkling Water Production Off Icon is off 

Press the Sparkling Water button for 3 seconds to turn on sparkling water production.

The Sparkling Water Production function is automatically set to OFF at the factory. You are required to set this to ON to get sparkling water.


4. If the Carbonation Level icons are lighting in succession, the refrigerator is in the middle of producing sparkling water.

Please wait until the icons stop lighting.


5. If the SodaStream Carbonator runs out of CO₂, water might not be dispensed or the dispensed water might be weak.

Please change the cylinder.


6. If the door is open, Sparkling water/Water/Ice are not dispensed.


7. Please open the cylinder cover and lock the cylinder lever.

The Quick Making option makes a whiring noise while in process.

While the Quick Making option is active, the Carbonator alternately injects and discharges CO₂ gas.

This can cause a noise.

The taste of the sparkling water is weak

  • Increase the Sparkling Level of the sparkling water.
  • When the taste of the sparkling water is too weak or there is no other taste than water, replace the SodaStream Carbonator with a new one.
  • If you user the Fill Up (3sec) option after replacing the cylinder, the sparkling water tastes stronger or weaker than normal, depending on the amount and concentration of the remaining gas in the water tank. 

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