What are the advantages of Digital Inverter compressor

Last Update date : Aug 10. 2022

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Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) intelligently varies its power and running speed as per the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor.

What are the advantages of having a Digital Inverter compressor in refrigerator?

DIC works as a pump to circulate the refrigerant through the refrigeration cycle.
Advantages of Digital Inverter Compressor over Reciprocating Compressor: 


  • It makes 5 different moving cycle based on humidity levels and usage patterns. This Compressor helps maintain a more consistent temperature as compared to Reciprocating Compressor used in Conventional Refrigerators. 
  • There is reduction in wear and tear on the compressor for greater durability. The Durability of Reciprocal Compressors is too low compared to Digital Inverter Compressors.
  • It keeps noise to a minimum level which leads to lesser power consumption. 
What are the advantages of having a Digital Inverter compressor in refrigerator?

Comparison between Conventional and Digital Inverter Compressors:
Unlike a conventional compressor, DIC does not abruptly start and stop, ensuring consistent, uniform cooling and consuming less energy. Less Start & Stop also means low noise and less wear/tear of internal components, elongating compressor life. See comparison below:


Conventional Compressors

Digital Inverter Compressors

The Noise level in a Conventional Compressor is usually high.

It monitors temperature levels, making adjustments to its RPM speed; therefore, significantly reducing noise.

The efficiency of Conventional Compressor is pretty low

It deliveres up to 40 percent more energy efficiency than conventional compressors

The use of this compressor leads to a great increase in Green House emissions

The Green house gases (CO2, CFC) emission is vastly reduced thereby proctecting our environment.

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