Why is my tumble dryer not drying my laundry fully?

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

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Drying results may vary for the following reasons:

If your wash load contains differing fabric types, you may experience items that are not completely dry. Where a tumble dryer may easily dry a thin cotton shirt, it may not dry a thick wool jumper.

The heat used on a drying cycle, such as Quick Dry, is set to a temperature that can easily be used on all fabric types without causing damage. Ensure you are using the correct settings for your load.







(Bed linens, table linen, underwear, towels, shirts)

Extra Dry – Best used on heavy duty fabrics that should be very dry on exit of the machine.

Cupboard Dry – Do not use this with materials such as jeans, only lighter cotton objects; underwear, linen.

Iron Dry – Items will come out in a moist state that is appropriate for ironing.


(Items made from polyester(diolen, trevira), polyamide (perlon,nylon) or other similar blends.)

Extra Dry - Should only be used with heavy duty fabrics that should be very dry on exit of the machine.

Cupboard Dry – Best used on shirts, blouses, bed linen and table linen.

Iron Dry – Items will come out in a moist state that is appropriate for ironing.

Other settings:

Quick Dry – 60 minute drying time. The max load on this setting is 1kg.

Warm Air – Best used with small items. A Pre-dried laundry load of normal fabrics will dry in 30 minutes. (available on the DV8, DV9 series only)

Cool Air – For fabrics that need refreshing with a tumble without any heating.

Time Dry – Select a desired cycle, then press the Time button for the drying time. The time is added in 30 minute segments which can be set to a maximum of 150 minutes.

Sports Wear – Use for light sport wear such as track suits. The max load is 2kg on this setting.

Outdoor – Can be used with items such as: Ski wear, Sports wear, mountain clothing, spandex, stretch wear, microfibre items. The max load should be 2kg on this setting. (available on the DV8, DV9 series only)

Ultra Delicate – This cycle is designed to be used with lace items such as lingerie. The max load should be 1.5 KG on this setting.

Wool – To only be used with machine and tumble dryer approved wool. For best results, try turning the laundry inside out before drying it. Overloading the dryer may not produce the same results. the max load should be 2KG on this setting.  



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