Galaxy Tab 10.1 2015/16: Language and Input settings guide

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

* Please note, this section is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting information, also refer to your user manual for more information.




Below is a quick guide of Language and Input Settings on Galaxy Note 10.1:


Step 1: From the Home screen, tap on the Apps icon.


Step 2: On the Apps page, tap on the Settings icon.

Step 3: On the Settings menu, tap on Language and input.



  The Language and input settings menu will then be displayed.

■  Language 
    Select a display language for all menus and applications.


■  Default 
    Select a default keyboard type for text input.


■  Google voice typing 
    Activate the Google voice input feature to enter text by voice. To change the voice input settings, tap settings icon. 
    Choose input languages: Select input languages for Google voice recognition. 
    Block offensive words: Set to prevent the device from recognising offensive words in voice inputs. 
    Offline speech recognition: Manage downloaded languages.

■  Samsung keyboard 
    Change the Samsung keyboard settings: 

    Input languages: Select input languages to use with the keypad. 
    Predictive text: Activate XT9 mode to predict words based on the input and show word suggestions.. 
    Continuous input: Enter text by swiping on the keypad. 
    Pen detection: Change to Handwriting recognition mode when pen is detected. 
    Handwriting: Change the settings for Handwriting mode, such as recognition time, pen thickness, or pen colour. 
    Advanced: Change additional settings 
    Auto capitalisation: Set to capitalise the first letter of a sentence automatically. 
    Auto-punctuate: Set the device to insert a full stop when you double-tap the space bar. 
    Character preview: Set the device to show a preview image of each letter you tap. 
    Key-tap vibration: Set the device to vibrate when you tap a key. 
    Key-tap sound: Set the device to sound when you tap a key. 
    Tutorial: View the tutorial for using the Samsung keypad. 
    Reset settings: Reset the Samsung keypad settings to the factory defaults.

■  Speech 
    Voice Recogniser

■  Voice search 
    The following options are available for Google voice recognition: 

    Language: Select a language for Google voice recognition. 
                      Speech output 
    Block offensive words: Set to hide offensive words from voice search results. 
    Offline speech recognition: Manage downloaded languages 
    Bluetooth headset: Records audio through a Bluetooth headset if available.

■  Text-to-speech output 

    Preferred TTS engine: Select a speech synthesis engine. To change the settings for speech synthesis engines, select . 
    Speech rate: Select a speed for the TTS feature. 
    Listen to an example: Allows you to listen to the spoken text for an example. 
    Driving mode: Activates Driving mode to provide audible notifications for incoming calls, messages, or event details.

■  Mouse/Trackpad 

    Pointer speed: This allows you to adjust the pointer speed for the mouse or trackpad connected to the device.





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