Galaxy S8: How to add Widgets to your Home screen

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

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A widget is a simple application extension that is often part of a larger application already installed on the device. Widgets come in all shapes and sizes, and are customizable, that reside on any available Home screen for quick access. Widgets provide you with quick access to information without requiring you to open the app that manages this information. An example would be the Calendar widget, which provides you a quick view of your upcoming calendar events without opening the Calendar application.

How to add Widgets to your Home screen 

1 Using two fingers, pinch the Home screen, or tap and long-hold the Home screen to access the Home screen settings.
2 Tap on Widgets.
3 Tap the Widget you wish to add to your Home screen.

Please Note: The number in brackets represents how many types of Widgets are available in that category.

4 Tap and hold on one of the specific Widgets you wish to add to your Home screen from the available options.
5 Ensure that you still have your finger held on the Widget. Move it around the Home screen and place it in an empty field.
6 Re-size the Widget if you wish to do so. Otherwise, tap out of the Widget to apply to Home screen.
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To remove a widget:

Step 1: Tap and hold on the item that is present on the home screen
Step 2: Select Remove from Home

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