What are the bluetooth devices i can connect to my Smart TV?

Last Update date : Nov 22. 2021

Please Note: The information on this page is for New Zealand products only. Sequences or settings will vary depending on location and/or where the product had been purchased. To be redirected to your local support page please click here.

 On some QLED, UHD, and SUHD TV models, you can connect the following devices via bluetooth.

- Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, and headphones

- Bluetooth keyboards and gamepads


If you are unsure if your TV is capable of connecting to these bluetooth devices please check your user Manual

How to Pair Bluetooth soundbars, speakers, and headphones

Make sure your audio device is on and in pairing mode. If needed, check the device’s manual.


On your TV, navigate to Settings > Sound and then select Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List or Bluetooth Audio Device depending on your TV model.
Select the Bluetooth audio device that you would like to connect to your TV and then select Pair and Connect
When the devices are done pairing, select OK.


Note: If your TV has Connection Guide as an option, navigate to Sources, and then select Connection Guide
Select the device type you would like to pair, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it via Bluetooth. 

How to Pair a keyboard or gamepad

Navigate to Settings using the directional pad on your remote, and then select System. Next, select Input Device Manager, and then select Add Bluetooth Keyboard Gamepad.


Select the Bluetooth keyboard or gamepad that you would like to connect to your TV. Make sure your other device is on and in pairing mode. If needed, check the device’s manual.


Select Pair and Connect, and then wait for your device to connect. When the devices are done pairing, select OK. Your Bluetooth device will now be connected to your TV.

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