Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We believe that your expertise and experience will be a valuable asset to us. Join us and build on your existing expertise while we provide the necessary resources for your career growth.

Hear from our Leaders

“The main training I am thankful for was the Global Director Course which I had the opportunity to participate in in 2017. This gave me greater insight into the Samsung culture and organization, and what my role would be in driving true transformation. The key learning was how as a Global Leader, my role went beyond my specific Business Unit (BU) and scope, but my true value to the organization was to use my influence to other Head of Departments (HODs), peers, and teams in driving change, collaboration and innovation.”

“Fostering multiple winning teams during my time at the Indonesia office, I feel empowered by Samsung with a fully supported structure plus a management culture that encourages open communication and cross-collaboration to achieve company goals. Leadership skills and cross-discipline competencies development are put in place too; this helps leaders at all levels to excel in their role and make forward strides in their careers.”

“I was fortunate this year to be nominated and participate in our Global Executive Leadership course. Not being able to attend in person didn’t stand in the way of this course being truly impactful whilst being facilitated across the globe remotely. This really honed in on not only leadership but building our skills through various high profile professional bodies whilst at the same time being true to the Samsung Corporate Values. Every leader needs a core set of values and principles and this was great to help bring them to the fore. Similarly, Samsung has some of the brightest minds in any industry so I always spend time to understand why we have made certain decisions and despite the fact we are over 300,000 employees globally it is a support network like no other.”

Behind the scenes of our hiring process

Take a look at how we build our teams at Samsung and how you can excel during the employment process.