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Inclusive technology
that helps to achieve your goals


Learn about our visibility assistive features such as TalkBack, Font size and style, Color adjustment and Magnification.


Learn about our hearing assistive features such as Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications and Left/right sound balance.


Learn about our mobility assistive features such as Universal switch and Touch settings.


Learn about our cognitive assistive features such as Interaction control and Remembering frequently used course / mode.

At a Glance

Introducing our key accessible features



It provides spoken feedback to help understand about the contents on the screen.

Voice guide

For the blind, the voice guide makes Smart TV to read items displayed on the screen.
Kitchen/Living Appliances

SmartThings TalkBack for home appliances and services

Use SmartThings' connected appliances & services with Talkback, verified by the blind.

Website that welcomes everyone

We strive to make samsung's web services accessible for all users

Accessibility customer support

We are here to assist and improve your accessible experience

Accessibility setting tips

  1. Smartphone/Tablet

    Accessibility shortcuts - Accessibility shortcut allows you to access the accessibility features quicker and easier. (Use Accessibility button, Quickly press the Side and Volume up keys, Press and hold the Volume up and down keys)

    Reset accessibility settings - Reset accessibility settings to their defaults, separately from the other settings.

    Recommended for you - You can check what accessibility functions you're currently using and function recommendations for you.


  2. Watch

    Accessibility shortcuts - Triple tap with two fingers on any screen to activate your selected accessibility function.


  3. TV

    Adjust TV accessibility features with a simple one-touch on-screen menu. You can activate most TV accessibility features with Accessibility shortcut. Once enabled, start Voice guide and Sign language guide automatically. To display the Accessibility shortcut, press and hold the volume button. Alternatively, press and hold the mute button or press the closed caption button.