Samsung Digital Appliances

Your home is not only where you provide for your children's needs. It is where their character development and learning starts.

Growing up with good values starts right at home.

There’s more to doing household chores with your children. With proper supervision, these activities can help build their character as they learn the right values. Samsung Digital Appliances bring you the innovations that help you build a home conducive to learning and nurture, making your home the ideal place to share more love.

Smart Conversion

Making space for more sharing is as easy as a press of a button – the Samsung Smart Conversion instantly turns the freezer into more fridge space so you can store more food your kids would love to share.

Give all your fresh food more space based on your storage needs. Enjoy flexible storage options using any of the 5 different smart conversion modes; Fridge Max, Vacation Mode, Mini Fridge, Energy-saving, and Regular.