Galaxy Trade-In, Trade⁠-⁠Up Offer

Trade in your smartphones and get additional discount
of up to ₱12,000

Valid from Aug 03. 2021 ~ Sep 30. 2021


Promo Mechanics

1. Customers may trade-in their old smartphone (any brand) towards a new Galaxy device via our Samsung online store (samsung.com/ph).

Participating Galaxy devices:

*Other premium smartphones not included in the list are subject to store's evaluation

₱80,990 SM-F916BZNAXTC Mystic Bronze
SM-F916BZKAXTC Mystic Black
2. In the BUY NOW page of the product display page, click “Yes Please” in the trade-in option found below the image of the product.
3. In the next page, input the brand and model of the phone to trade-in together with your residence postal code and click continue.
4. The website will require you to download the BLANCCO app separately for customer to perform the necessary steps for the phone’s self-diagnosis.
5. Follow the instructions from the app. Once done, a trade-in ID code will be generated.
6. Copy the code from the app and go back to the Samsung.com page. Input it in the TRADE-ID section and click continue.
7. Trade-in discount will appear and will show how much the customer’s device for trade-in is worth. Click APPLY TRADE-IN if the customer is okay with the discount and wants to apply it in his/her purchase. For online, only 1 trade-in device per new phone is allowed.
8. Total discount will appear in product’s new SRP. Total discount will include the residual value of the device for trade-in and the corresponding TOKEN of the new Samsung phone to purchase.
9. Customer may choose between the following payment options online:
a. Straight Payment (Credit Card, GCash, Grabpay)
b. 0% Credit Card Installment / Tendopay
10. Regardless of payment method, customers will get additional TITU Top-Up depending on the new Galaxy Device being purchased.
11. The top-ups will be a discount on top of the collective value of the traded-in phones, and will only be applied once per transaction.
TOKEN SRP Models 0% CC installment / Straight Payment (CC/Debit/Cashcard/Cash)
12,000 80,990 Galaxy Z Fold2 P12,000 TITU Top-Up
6,000 50,990 Galaxy Z Flip P6,000 TITU Top-Up
10,000 59,990 Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G P10,000 TITU Top-Up
8,000 54,990 Galaxy Note20 Ultra P8,000 TITU Top-Up
5,000 45,990 Galaxy Note20 5G P5,000 TITU Top-Up
5,000 40,990 Galaxy Note20 P5,000 TITU Top-Up
4,000 27,990 Galaxy S20 FE P4,000 TITU Top-Up
3,000 23,990 Galaxy A72 (256GB) P3,000 TITU Top-Up
2,500 22,490 Galaxy A72 (128GB) P2,500 TITU Top-Up
4,000 23,990 Galaxy A52 5G P4,000 TITU Top-Up
2,000 18,990 Galaxy A52 (256GB) P2,000 TITU Top-Up
1,500 17,490 Galaxy A52 (128GB) P1,500 TITU Top-Up
1,500 15,990 Galaxy A32 5G P1,500 TITU Top-Up
1,500 13,990 Galaxy A32 P1,500 TITU Top-Up
1,000 13,990 Galaxy A22 5G P1,000 TITU Top-Up
500 11,990 Galaxy A22 P500 TITU Top-Up
6,000 63,990 Galaxy Tab S7+ P6,000 TITU Top-Up
4,000 47,990 Galaxy Tab S7 P4,000 TITU Top-Up
10,000 79,990 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (512GB) P10,000 TITU Top-Up / P12,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
10,000 69,990 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (256GB) P10,000 TITU Top-Up / P12,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
10,000 66,990 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (128GB) P10,000 TITU Top-Up / P12,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
8,000 57,990 Galaxy S21+ (256GB) P8,000 TITU Top-Up / P10,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
8,000 54,990 Galaxy S21+ (128GB) P8,000 TITU Top-Up / P10,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
5,000 47,990 Galaxy S21 (256GB) P5,000 TITU Top-Up / P7,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
5,000 44,990 Galaxy S21 (128GB) P5,000 TITU Top-Up / P7,000 TITU Top-Up (apple/huawei)
* Limited edition models


1. For online, customers may only trade-in one smartphone for valuation for one (1) new device.
2. The smartphone valuation and additional top-up (if any) are not convertible to cash.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-124593 Series of 2021.
Terms and Conditions apply.