Q. Can I cancel my order? Click to Expand

In practice, you will only have 24 hours to request for order cancellation after order has been successfully placed.


Cancellation requests will be accomodated due to valid reasons such as:

  1.     Change of Payment Method
  2.     Incorrect/Incomplete Contact Details
  3.     Change of Item
  4.     Duplicate Orders Placed 


Items that are already being processed, meaning prepared and packed for delivery, by our fulfillment partner can no longer be cancelled.. Please refer to the next topic to find out if your order qualifies for a return.


Do note that a cancellation means that you are relinquishing the item you ordered previously and that you may no longer have one for yourself at the moment you place a new order. This includes all discounts, perks, and promos that were applied to the cancelled order.

Q. How can I cancel my order? Click to Expand

Please contact our Customer Service team at ☎1800-8-7267864 (Globe Toll Free), 1800-10-7267864 (PLDT Toll Free), 02-84222111 For CE Products and #GALAXY (425233) and 02-84222177 for Mobile Phones or visit our website at to send us an email or use our Live Chat support.


You can no longer cancel the orders once the seller is packaged for shipping.


Q. How can I return my product? Click to Expand

Product returns only apply to product quality issues and are goverend by our standard warranty policy (7 days for exchange and repair beyond 7 days) except for extremely special cases.


The following reasons for returning an item are not valid as per DTI ruling:


  • Change of mind
  • Buyer's remorse

Please contact our Customer Service team at ☎1800-8-7267864 (Globe Toll Free), 1800-10-7267864 (PLDT Toll Free), 02-84222111 For CE Products and #GALAXY (425233) and 02-84222177 for Mobile Phones or visit our website at to send us an email or use our Live Chat support.

Q. Can I reject a delivery? Click to Expand

If your order can no longer be cancelled, you may still opt to reject delivery if it already qualifies for order rejection as per the following:


  • Delivery is already 3 days behind estimated delivery date
  • Delivery package is incomplete


And similar to the DTI ruling on returns, the following reasons are not valid for rejecting a delivery:


  • Change of mind
  • Buyer's remorse


Also, take note that cosmetic issues on packaging such as minor scratches and re-sealing does not qualify for delivery rejection.


For COD orders, rejecting an order may subject your account to restrictions that would prevent you to place future orders on the Samsung Philippines Online Store.

Q. What is your return policy? Click to Expand

We regret to inform that any cancellations due to a change of mind will not be accepted. 

We accept returns of products for purchases within 7 days of delivery only if they are faulty or the products delivered are not what you ordered(The model or colour is different from what is indicated on the order summary). If your product is not returned with all original items(such as manuals, remotes, cables, etc.) received with it, the seller may reject the return entirely. 


Refund of product with a free gift

If you wish to return a product that came with a free promotional item, all items must be returned together to get a refund. If a free promotional item provided with a product is not returned, refund is not available

Samsung may either refuse the return in full or accept your return, but reduce the amount of your refund amount by the full retail price of the promotional gift. Customer will not be able to only return promotional gift.


Refund of discount package

If you wish to return a package product that has been purchased at a discounted price during the promotion period of, all the products in the package must be returned together at once to get a refund of the payment. If a product in the discount package purchased by the customer is not returned, you will be refunded the cost of the package items minus the full value of the discounted price of the package items according to the retail price of at the time of purchase by the customer.


The following reasons for returning an item due to change of mind are not valid :

  • If the product(including components) is damaged after opening due to the consumer's responsibility (damage, flooding, etc.)
  • For custom-ordered products(e.g., stamping your name on the product surface)
  • If personal hygiene items(earphones, Bluetooth headsets, wired headsets, headphones, etc.) are unpacked
  • In case the value of the product is damaged because the product packaging has been opened and used or installed (except in the case of opening the packaging to confirm the contents)
  • If some of the product components(manual, remote control, cable, etc.) are lost or missing


Q. How long will it take for me to receive a refund? Click to Expand

The refund can take up to maximum of 30 working days from receipt of required documents. However, the refund period may vary depending on the payment method and subject to processing duration of the payment agency.