Q. What payment methods do you accept? Click to Expand

  1. COD or Cash on Delivery
  2. Credit / Debit Card (VISA/Mastercard)
  3. GCash
  4. GrabPay
  5. Metrobank Credit Card Installment (3-month, 0% interest)
  6. Online Banking
Q. Can I change the payment method after the order has been made? Click to Expand

If you are referring to the same order, this is not possible. You will have to cancel your current order and place a new order with the playment order of your choice. 


Do note that this action means that you are relinquishing the item you orderd previously and that you may no longer have one for yourself at the moment you place a new order. This includes all discounts, perks, and promos that ware applied to the cancelled order.

Q. What is the maximum order value for COD? Click to Expand

You can place an order of up to PhP 120,000 per COD transaction. 


Q. I cancelled an order. How long will it take for me to get a refund? Click to Expand

The Item must be returned to the warehouse prior to the refund request, which will be initiated by the Fulfiller with the Payment Gateway. It will take around 2 weeks for a refund to be effected on credit cards, and 4 weeks for a refund to be effected on debit cards. An ARN should be provided for proper tracking.


For other payment methods (except COD), please coordinate closely with the customer service team.