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Bring Art Home

Make your home look artsy with The Frame TV.

Home is our sanctuary, where we return to once we survive the daily grind. And since there’s nothing quite like art to effortlessly revive our souls and soothe our minds, we have come up with a few simple tips that would help create an artistic ambience at home, with help from The Frame TV.

Pick the right centrepiece

If you aim to elevate your living room, you need to ensure that all elements, are aesthetically placed, even when it comes to home appliances. And since the TV acts as a focal point in most living rooms, the entertainment area requires extra attention, or else it turns into a giant black negative space. Adorning a wall with a statement TV like The Frame, is a creative way to achieve a stylish look while lending a sense of artistry to your home scenery.

Art Store
Find your favourite artworks to display on The Frame TV. From colour to mood, subject and much more, you can easily discover a wide variety of art for every occasion.

Create your own gallery

Art allows you to embrace new perspectives, and let your personality shine through. But it’s not just about the art that you choose to hang up in your living room, you can also get creative with how you display it. Hammering nails and hanging frames is now old school, we bring to you, The Frame TV that turns your home into a private exhibit of curated collections, delivering every detail in vibrant colours, deep blacks, and breath-taking 4KQLED quality, as the artist intended

Add your perfect touch

Showing off your artistic taste doesn’t stop with your selection of artworks. It also extends to your choice of TV bezel, to add that tasteful touch to your The Frame TV with snap-on customisable frames that match your space and artwork. Choose from modern or bevelled to your own customised style, each bezel perfectly complements The Frame TV's slim and elegantly refined body, making it look like an actual picture frame, a true work of art in itself.

Revive memories

Decorating walls with photography is another way to light up your living room with art. And photography shouldn’t be limited to landscape or black & white, it also includes your family’s cherished moments. Photos, particularly family images, are a huge part of modern life and they are meant to be relived and revisited, not stored or forgotten in dusty albums. The Frame TV is a stylish and contemporary way to tell stories of your loved ones through treasured family photos.

TV when it's ON
& Art when it's OFF.
Feast your eyes on art with The Frame TV.

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