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Give Clothes a Whole New Spin

Up your washing game with Samsung washers.

Our lifestyle is largely impacted by our home chores. And washing is one of the daily routines that require our time, effort, and even close attention. With the Samsung washing machines, you’ll discover how washing can be your new favourite chore. Read on to see how the revolutionary AI features of Samsung washers can make your life easier.

Trust your washer

Choosing the right washing cycle is important to make your clothes last longer, and keep them fresh and new. With so many buttons, settings, and features to choose from, washing can get tedious and confusing. You'll usually end up not using most of them. But now with just one touch, Samsung washers will do all the thinking for you, so that you can say goodbye to guesswork and focus on what matters more. Thanks to AI Control, your Samsung washer will remember your previous washing habits, recommend the right cycles, and display timely information.

Finally, a washing machine that understands you.

Wash it smartly

Feel like you’ve seen all that the Samsung Washer has to offer? Think again! With the SmartThings App, you can wirelessly connect and control your Samsung Washer through your phone or tablet. Yes, you read it right! You can plan your laundry, get advice on cycles, and get troubleshooting done.

All you need – from anywhere, anytime.

Root for sustainability

Samsung washers are not only about saving time and effort, it also aims to be eco-friendly by saving water and energy. With the AI Wash’s sensors, Samsung Washer is able to set the optimal water and detergent levels based on the laundry’s weight. And if heavy soil is detected by the turbidity sensor, the washer will automatically add more time and detergent.

Make Earth a happy place with every wash.

Wash like never before

Elevate your washing experience with Samsung Washer's AI features.

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