Why Samsung
Smart TV?

It's so smart, it's easy to use. It's also packed with a big variety of content and services. Meet Samsung Smart TV, the TV that's ready for you.

All your entertainment
in one place

Smart Hub & Apps

From apps to Live TV and VOD, Smart Hub is where you can find your favorite content all in one place. Browse apps or click on thumbnail previews and dive straight into the latest show or recommended movie. The Smart Hub is your go-to for a world of apps and content.

* Some apps may not be launched at the same time as Smart TV, and the availability may vary by region.

Home office at
the ready

Work From Home

Having a Samsung Smart TV means you can leave your PC at work since Remote Access connects to the PC wirelessly letting you work from home without missing a beat. And with Office 365 available via Remote Access, you can work on documents or do group activities all remotely and easily. Turning your home into your workplace or the classroom is easy with Samsung Smart TV.

Your phone and
TV, they just

Connect Your Phone

Connecting your phone and Samsung Smart TV is as simple as tapping the TV with your phone or opening the SmartThings app. Once connected, you can just as easily mirror what you were watching on your phone on the TV. Or even see your mobile and TV program on the same big screen so you don't miss a thing.

One Remote is
all you need

One Remote

One minute we're streaming a TV show, and the next we're watching a movie on cable. It's one effortless move with the One Remote. With the One Remote in your hand, there's no need for different remote controls whether it's a game console or Blu-ray player. Once the Samsung Smart TV recognizes the device, the One Remote is the only one you need. See how easy it is with the Samsung Smart TV, from set-up to connecting other devices.

Expanding boundaries
with Apple

Apple TV App & AirPlay 2

Experience what the Apple TV app has to offer on Samsung Smart TV, be it programs or films you love, or new Apple Originals with Apple TV+. And since Samsung Smart TV works beautifully with Apple devices, enjoy looking at photos with your friends or family as you share content from your device to the big screen, or stream music to set the tone for the day.

* Subscription required for Apple TV+
* AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later.
* TV and Apple devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network to use AirPlay 2.
* Compatible devices only.

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5 Tips for Buying a Smart TV

5 Tips for Buying a Smart TV

Ready to choose yours?

Ready to choose yours?

In case you missed anything

* Smart service and GUI may vary by model and region.

* Agreement of the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is required before use.               

* Some services or apps require a subscription or a one-time purchase to be used.                                                                                                                 

* Availability of services is subject to change without prior notice. 

* Actual product and remote control may vary from images shown. 

* Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. Product appearance and design specifications that do not affect product performance are subject to change without notice.