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Stylish & Powerful

Countertop microwaves

Enjoy the flexibility to bake and microwave – all from one appliance. With innovative features like Power Convection, our microwaves can be used as second oven, cooking your food evenly while keeping it crispy on the outside.

Samsung Countertop microwaves Samsung Countertop microwaves


The PowerGrill features lets you toast, crisp and brown your favorite foods.

Samsung PowerGrill Samsung PowerGrill

Exceptional Power

WaterWall™ type

Revolutionary WaterWall™ technology reinvents dishwashing. Unlike our conventional dishwashers, the WaterWall™ line uses a powerful sweeping wall of water to leave dishes remarkably clean.

Samsung WaterWall™ dishwashers Samsung WaterWall™ dishwashers

Silent but Strong

Rotary type

Energy efficient and powerful, the rotary line delivers an exceptionally quiet performance.

Samsung Rotary dishwashers Samsung Rotary dishwashers

Zone Booster

Target hard-to-clean pots and pans with intensive washing at the touch of a button. Select the option to wash the right or left zone of the bottom rack with higher water pressure and heat.

Samsung Zone Booster Samsung Zone Booster