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Half the Time Washing *, More time for you

Introducing the new QuickDrive technology that cleans in half the time like never before. So you can do more with the time you get back.

Samsung QuickDrive™

*Tested on Samsung WD6800M compared with WD6500K. Saves up to 50% time on Cotton(40℃, half load) with washing performance within ±3% and saves up to 20% energy tested by IEC 60456:2010

Need more fridge space for the big day?

With Fridge Max mode, you can simply convert the freezer to fridge.

Samsung Refrigerators


Much more than microwaves

Go far beyond mere microwaving. No one will believe your microwave made something so delicious.

Samsung Microwaves


Shine on

Samsung is reinventing dishwashing—one sparkling load at a time. You’ll be amazed by what our dishwashers can do.

Samsung Dishwashers

Washing Machines

Innovations that make laundry easier

Our washers are loaded with innovative features and offer superior cleaning technology to save you time and effort.

Samsung Washing Machine

Air Conditioners

The ultimate air solution

The Samsung air conditioner has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its unique design, cutting edge technology and various line-up guarantee a higher level of air solution.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Vacuum Cleaners

Extreme force brush

Unlike most vacuums, the Motion Sync distributes adhesion throughout the entire brush area.So you can get it all the first time–even stubborn pet hair.

Samsung Vacuums